Not @mediagoon’s Mets jerseys #89: Blue Personalized Pullover

Since both @mediagoon and Shannon finally tapped out of jerseys (at least for a few weeks), I’m taking the ball and running with it for a while.

It was time for a blue jersey (I have 4 as of right now).  The only jersey I own with my name on it, I debuted it on Opening Day 2009 – the first game at CitiField. Twohig Blue Jersey

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2 Responses

  1. Pete McNally says:

    Nice! Hey, let me know if you need a guest “Not @mediagoon jerseys” contributor. I’ve got a boatload of Mets-related jerseys to show off 😉

  2. Dan Twohig says:

    Once we get through the regulars (I think Osh41 is up next) I don’t see any issue with extending this series.
    See what you started Goon?

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