Some possible price points for Mets All Star Game strips

As usual a reminder that Mets Police is just some fans with Apple devices and I leave it to you to decide how reliable it is.

The folks from Stadium Page are a trustworthy bunch and they posted this in the comments. As I have not seen an invoice I can’t comment. But for your consideration…

$821 – Caesars Club
$799 – Promenade Gold
$703 – 422 row 1
$453 – 538 row 1

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Gary Dunaier
Gary Dunaier

Those price points were originally posted in the "Citi Field Tickets and Concessions" thread over at Baseball Fever, so yes, those numbers are accurate. I can personally vouch for the $453 price for section 538, row 1 because that's my location.


514 row 9 ... 703 plus 20 convenience fee

Media Goon
Media Goon

Yep ,that is what I posted yesterday from a season ticket holders invoice in same Section. Seems to be various price points throughout stadium sections.

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