Some possible price points for Mets All Star Game strips

As usual a reminder that Mets Police is just some fans with Apple devices and I leave it to you to decide how reliable it is.

The folks from Stadium Page are a trustworthy bunch and they posted this in the comments. As I have not seen an invoice I can’t comment. But for your consideration…

$821 – Caesars Club
$799 – Promenade Gold
$703 – 422 row 1
$453 – 538 row 1

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  1. 514 row 9 … 703 plus 20 convenience fee

    • Yep ,that is what I posted yesterday from a season ticket holders invoice in same Section. Seems to be various price points throughout stadium sections.

  2. Those price points were originally posted in the “Citi Field Tickets and Concessions” thread over at Baseball Fever, so yes, those numbers are accurate. I can personally vouch for the $453 price for section 538, row 1 because that’s my location.


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