Mets Daniel Murphy Named In MLB Network’s Top 10 Second Basemen


It seems like other people #Imwith28 also. This pleases Shannon and I.We kept telling you he was a lot better then some of you guys thought.

This is from MetsBlog.(you can read their take on this over there.)

Tonight at 10:00 pm ET, Daniel Murphy will be featured on MLB Network’s ‘Top 10 Right Now: Second Basemen.’

“Take a look at the best batting averages over the last three years at this position, only Robbie Cano is higher than Murphy’s .302,” MLB Network’s Brian Kenny says of Murphy. “OPS+ over the last two seasons, now that takes into account park effects, and Murphy is there behind Cano, Pedroia, Kenrick and that’s it.”

The network’s editorial staff and on-air talent – including John Hart and Harold Reynolds – determined the rankings of the top ten second basemen using a number of factors, including offense, defense, upside and leadership.

In addition, renowned author Bill James gives his personal list of the top ten second basemen in the game.


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Don't get too excited guys, Reynolds and Kenny both said they would not vote on Daniel Murphy as a second baseman at all if it was there choice and not the machine/statistics. They both liked him as a player but it seemed they liked him in a utility role.


Murphy rose to the challenge in fin fashion...way to go.!


Murphy came on strong last year on the defensive side as well

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