Here's what I believe the Mets All Star Game strips cost

This is one of those posts where I remind you that Mets Police is not news, it’s a few guys with Apple devices and good sources.  I wouldn’t bet the house on these numbers below, but it’s from someone I trust enough to share it for (cough) discussion purposes only.

  • $946 – Metro Box
  • $946 – Caesars Gold
  • $871 – Field Box
  • $821 – Caesars Box
  • $796 – Baseline Box
  • $748 – Left Field Reserved
  • $748 – Right Field Reserved
  • $703 – Pepsi Porch
  • $703 – Promenade Infield
  • $703 – Promenade Box
  • $553 – Promenade Reserved
  • $453 – Promenade Outfield

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Gary Dunaier
Gary Dunaier

And the $453 for Promenade Outfield is also correct. (Wonder how many of us Promenade Outfield season ticket holders there are out there, since the Mets apparently only offered a limited number of season tickets in that category last year, and that was it - they didn't offer it this year, but those of us who already had 'em could renew.)


You have it correct for mine, which are promenade infield reserved, $703.

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