Not @mediagoon’s Mets Bobbleheads #2: Mr. Met CitiField

MetsPolice Mr Met Bobblehead Opening Day 2011

Since Shannon, Goon, and I have pretty much cleaned out our closets of Mets jerseys (at least for now, we all know there will be more later), I was thinking where can we go from here.  Easy answer – who doesn’t love bobbleheads?

This was a giveaway at Opening Day in 2011 (which was my daughter’s first baseball game).


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Dan Twohig
Dan Twohig

I have an uphill battle ahead of me as we live outside of Philadelphia now. But at 2 1/2 she already knows how to sing Meet The Mets.

Kathy C
Kathy C

It's only fitting that your daughter's first baseball game included a Mr. Met bobblehead. By the way, glad to see you're raising her right, to be a Mets fan. Heaven forbid she were to end up like my son -- a former Mets fan turned Yankee fan. I'll never accept that. Where, oh where, did I go wrong?

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