Fred Wilpon needs to get a windbreaker with proper Mets colors

Come on Fred, lead from the front. (original photo via MetsBlog). Blue and orange, blue and orange.


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  1. What’s wrong with it?

  2. Says Mets in black… NO MORE BLACK!!!!!!!

  3. Nothing wrong with Fred’s jacket. Some idiot added black to our colors (why, I’ll never know) so those of us that bought items with black in the lettering or otherwise, are now stuck with them. Fred, however, gets his stuff for free, I’m sure. I bought Johan’s Jersey in black a couple of years ago and as luck would have it, they Mets rarely wear the black Jerseys anymore. That’s okay, I’ll keep it — at least it doesn’t show the dirt. :)

    • You would think Fred could get a new jacket pretty easily.


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