Mike V’s Countdown To Mets Opening Day – 2006 Panorama Shea Stadium Photo – The Mets Police

Two Days Until Opening Day!

With all the new surrounding Santana, today’s countdown post is a mini version, just a look at this Shea Stadium panorama I took on Opening Day 2006 (with help from of Photoshop Elements).

Heading into the 2006 season, Marty Noble said “If the Mets are going to win a division championship, this is the year. No other team in the NL East seems as well-equipped and the club has been assembled with October in mind.”

Yahoo! Sports said “The New York Mets have good reason to be optimistic this season”

And a new advertisement on the outfield wall simply proclaimed we had “The Strength To Be There*”

Shea Stadium April 3, 2006

Shea Stadium April 3, 2006


*By the way, why am I just now realizing the parallel meltdowns of AIG and the economy and the Minaya-era Mets?

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