These Irish Cyclones uniforms ain’t so good looking

Thanks to @mets_bro who is tweeting from whatever Cyclones Field is called this week.  These are strange….compelling….but weird.


Cyclones Irish uniform 2013

And the Irish-American Defamation League or whatever the hell us Irish guys have need to start being more vocal about stereotypes like this. I dare the Cyclones to try this with (Pick Some Other Heritage) Night.

offensive irish stereotype

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@mets get with the program and are now #imwith28 again!!!
Harvey and Wheeler: best estate agents in the game

Shannon Shark @metspolice

Shannon Shark is the founder of, tweets as @metspolice, is an avid fan of Lee Mazzilli and Daniel Murphy, hates black uniforms and is the author of "Send The Beer Guy" available at #imwith28


These are seriously ugly uniforms.

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