Is the Open Letter from Keith and Ron an overreaction to the Times survey?

In case you missed it, an email “open letter” came out that was “from Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling” earlier today.  When you opened it up it was from more than just Keith and Ron.


This isn’t a Mets Police rant.  I don’t dislike the letter.  I just didn’t know what to make of it.

Then I read this…


Could this be an overreaction to this?

nobody roots for the mets

I think “Dick Young’s Ghost” nailed it.

They picked the Subway Series as the day the contest winner will present the Mets with the signatures. So we’re gonna show those Yankees we have fans too!

I dunno. This one has been bugging me all day. What do you guys think?

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Shannon Shark @metspolice

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5 Responses

  1. irish_eagle says:

    metspolice “Is the Open Letter from Keith and Ron an overreaction to the Times survey? ” — That was my gut reaction. Winning will help more

  2. PromenadeView says:

    metspolice how come mookie wasn’t on the letter?

  3. iamaguest says:

    Considering the “required” information for signing the letter included an e-mail address and they included a nice little checked box to receive commercial e-mails from and, I took the letter as a poorly executed attempt to gather new contact info from Mets fans for sales and marketing purposes.

  4. Dept of Corrections says:

    The more I think about this letter, the more it is making me nauseous. I totally agree it is a reaction to the Times survey, but who wrote the letter? Obviously the 6 guys that signed it did not sit in a room and craft it together. The PR department wrote it and asked guys to sign it. Keith and Ron work for the Mets so we know why they signed it.. Were the other guys paid? Who really believes that when a player is up to bat he is thinking “I believes in the fans, so I’ll get a hit?” This is insulting.

  5. FL Met Fan Rich says:

    This is a shameful PR disaster!

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