Whoa @MrMet has some explaining to do

What the heck?  Who are these other family members?  (Low crown cap tip to @uniwatch and Bonnie Skibins)

I kind of like that they (it’s not a ret-con, it’s just canon…canonized?) Homer into being Mr. Met’s dog.

But who is Kay-C Met?  We know Mr. Met Senior pal’d around with Lady Met.  Perhaps Kay-C is his sister?  And who is this Plato.  Is that the given name of our current mascot?  Is he Plato Met?  But our current mascot had an older brother (aka Mr. Met 1.5) – so maybe the lad on the sweatshirt is Plato Met who grew up to be a wild-eyed party animal who wasn’t up to taking over the family business?

Kay-C Met and Plato are turning up nothing on the interwebs. I have never heard of either.  Anyone?

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