Ron Darling did not read his Open Letter to Mets fans

ron darling at qbc14

Ron Darling was on with Joe and Evan today 

“if I explain completely how it went I am throwing someone else under the bus.  I think I have to own up to what I own up to and that is I was asked to put my likeness and name to something.  I did not read what was going to be put out there.”

“I didn’t do my due diligence to read what went out.”

Ron is being genuine and not jerky and not trying to blame others.

Ronnie goes on to say that “it seems that everything that comes out from the Mets is looked at poorly.”  Ron alludes to a disconnect with the fans that perhaps should be reevaluated.

Please listen to the interview yourself since it is important to hear Ronnie’s tone as the words themselves may fuel a firestorm.

However, tomorrow is an off-day and there will be no news to knock this off the news cycle, so if you work in Flushing you might want to baton down the hatches.

It is still unknown if Keith either wrote or read the letter.

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