41 Amazin’ ideas for the Mets #26: Retire 31

Here’s what we’re doing. We are crowdsourcing 41 ideas for the Mets. The ideas can be big or small. Email me your idea at shannon@metspolice.com. Today’s idea is from

For those of us Mets fans who were born after ’86, Mike Piazza was the superstar of our youth. Give him a number on the Great Wall of Flushing (with the dropshadow. You made your bed, Mets, and now you must sleep in it). How will it look when he is elected to the Hall of Fame in 2-3 years and his number has not even been retired by the team with which he enjoyed his best years? Canonize him as the definitive Met for one of the most successful eras in team history, the late 90s teams that brought back excitement to the franchise.


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