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cute mets dog

The Problem with $4 Mets Tickets « 213 Miles From Shea

When the Mets do things like this promotion, I feel jaded. The tickets for the baseline are the same value for my promenade tickets (which is my favorite section by the way). Where is the incentive to get a ticket package? The savings from this weekend alone can nearly match the savings from the season plan.

via The Problem with $4 Mets Tickets « 213 Miles From Shea.

And click that link for an interesting solution – one being used by another local sports franchise!

Mets selling $3.50 tickets. I paid more. Sucks to be me.


Perhaps the Mets will be offering plan holders some upgrades this weekend.





Limited Supply of Rollback Tickets Available for Games

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (April 18-20) Against Atlanta


Baseline Box Ticket Special Pricing of $19.64;

Purchase Tickets at Mets.com/1964 and (718) 507-TIXX


FLUSHING, N.Y., April 13, 2014 – The New York Mets today announced the club will celebrate Shea Stadium’s 50thAnniversary by rolling back tickets for games this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (April 18-20) against the Atlanta Braves to the 1964 box seat price of $3.50. Shea Stadium officially opened on April 17, 1964 when the Mets hosted the Pittsburgh Pirates.


A limited number of rollback tickets in select non-season ticket areas of Promenade Outfield and Promenade Reserved sections are available at Mets.com/1964 and (718) 507-TIXX.  Fans will also have the option to purchase select Baseline Box seats for $19.64.  There is an eight ticket maximum per order. Tickets must be purchased in advance online or over the phone; the offer will not be available at team stores, Citi Field ticket windows, or on day of game


Fans taking advantage of the Shea Stadium 50th anniversary offer will also partake in special promotions for the weekend:

  • All fans at the Friday, April 18 game at 7:10 p.m. will receive a Free Shirt Friday t-shirt

courtesy of Caesars

  • The first 20,000 fans at the Saturday, April 19 game at 7:10 p.m. will receive a Shea Stadium

50th Anniversary Canvas Print presented by New Era

  • The first 15,000 fans at the Sunday, April 20 game at 1:10 p.m. will bring home a Recyclable

Tote Bag thanks to MLB Network


Shea Stadium was named after William A. Shea, the attorney who was the driving force in bringing a National League team back to New York City. The Mets called Shea home from 1964-2008, and captured the franchise’s two world championships in 1969 and 1986 at the stadium.



I’ll take things I waste my time with for $400 Alex


Thanks Chris for sending over.

Who else stayed up way too late? Ouch.

By Ken Levine: Art has been replaced by VORP

Great read on the difference between the Howie Rose types and the generic guys popping up on more and more broadcasts.

Why cater your broadcast to the diehard fans? A) There are not that many of them. B) They’ll listen no matter what you do. C) You chase away casual fans. Women (50.8% of the American population), in particular, tend not to care about Wins Over Replacements.

Who would you rather spend two hours with – a captivating storyteller or someone reading actuary tables?

via By Ken Levine: Art has been replaced by VORP.

Survive and then figure it out


“You have to save [closer Jose] Valverde for a save if you get the lead, but you’ve got to have someone [John Lannan] behind him if the Angels come back and get a tie,” Collins said.

via New York Mets at Los Angeles Angels – April 11, 2014 | MLB.com NYM Recap.


What are you saving anyone for?

Survive and figure it out.

Maybe Lannan throws a zero and the Mets score in the top of the inning.   Maybe they score eight runs.

Why do you have to use your closer at all?  Is Lannan incapable of throwing another inning?  Are we trying to get Valverde the saves record?

Same logic for not using the backup catcher.  How often does a team run out of catchers?  I say if you get to the 23rd inning and you need a catcher and don’t want to make Murph do it then just forfeit at that point.


Mainstream media discovers obstructed views suck

This is great.  Welcome to 2009 fellas.  Enjoy not seeing the game.  Imagine if you PAID for the seats how annoyed you’d be.

Next the mainstream media will be comparing Granderson to Jason Bay after 10 games.  And they say bloggers are silly.

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