Heads back in the sand: lets talk about how stupid this cap is

stupid mets cap

While everyone waits for Matt Harvey to return and go 42 and 5, let’s talk about how stupid this Mets cap is.  WTF who approves these and does anyone other than a 5 year old think this is cool?

This New York Mets MLB Team Trill 59FIFTY Cap features an embroidered New York Mets team namesake on the front, stitched New Era® flag at wearer’s left side and embroidered logo on the rear. Interior includes branded taping and a moisture absorbing sweatband.  Via New Era

And yeah it really is a “Mets” cap.  Good to see the licensing people at MLB have high standards.

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All About First Place « Faith and Fear in Flushing

homer couch

This may be the best sentence written about the Mets in the 21st Century.

The Mets give me every impression that if they have a goal, it is to invest the bare minimum of resources to gain the bare minimum of wins that will get them to what we shall call the Big Five Tournament.

via All About First Place « Faith and Fear in Flushing.

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Flashback Friday: Madoff’s Curveball (The New Yorker 2011)

new yorker

Fred Wilpon’s recent appointment to the Finance Committee led me to google “Fred Wilpon” for some research.  During that research I stumbled across the 2011 New Yorker article.  That’s the one that gave us great lines like “Carl Crawford Money” and Saul Katz telling us about his balls.

If you haven’t read it in a few years I suggest you do.

Here are some interesting parts.

“No one had heard of us before we bought the Mets, and afterward the change was dramatic,” Wilpon told me. “I don’t think someone has not returned one of my telephone calls in thirty years. It’s a small club, owning a baseball team, and people want to be near it.” As Katz told me, “You take the chairman of the board of a bank, with his grandson, on the field to meet David Wright, and make that grandfather a hero, and you do business the way we do business, it opens up everything.”

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Fans want Wilpons to sell the Mets

mets fan billboard teaser

Some Mets fans have started a campaign to encourage the Wilpons to sell the Mets. According to reports, they have raised enough money for two billboards to go up somewhat near Citi Field on Roosevelt Avenue in time for Opening Day.

With a reportedly late February date for the Castergine-Wilpon lawsuit to reenter the news cycle and Opening Day approximately six weeks later it could potentially mean a rough patch in the court of public opinion for the wilpon family.

Whether or not this comes to the level of “Clippers” remains to be seen.


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What’s the latest with the lawsuit involving Mets COO Jeff Wilpon?


According to Adam Rubin:

As a refresher you can read some legal insight into the case from lawyer turned baseball blogger Craig Calcaterra here, and that story includes a link to what appears to be the original filed complaint.

I had missed this article from November that suggests Mr. Wilpon could be deposed for up to 14 hours.

I have no knowledge of what may or may not have happened and am sure that justice will prevail.  I hope it does not affect the operations of my favorite baseball team.Bored with Sports Talk Radio? Try Alternative Sports Talk via TuneIn

Film Friday: Network

Hey guys, here at Mets Police we have many interests, one of which is movies.

Today we take a look back at the movie Network.  Network is the story of a TV Network that seems perpetually stuck in last place, led by an unlikeable senior executive named Frank Hackett, played by the great Robert Duvall.

frank hackett


The main character in the movie is Howard Beale.  Beale is a long time news anchor and one day he decides he just can’t take it any more, or as he put it, he just ran out of bullshit.

You may be familiar with some parts of the most famous scene from Network, but do yourself a favor and watch the entire clip.

Beale yells and screams and even manages to fire up the masses.

Eventually, in the scene below, Beale gets a talking to by the rich owner who reminds Mr. Beale that it’s all about the business deals.  I particularly enjoy the part at 2:45 when the owner talks about the Russians.  Do you think the Russians are sitting in a board room discussing Karl Marx?

If you have never seen this movie do yourself a favor and watch it. It’s wonderfully cynical and may even open your eyes to a new way of thinking about things.

4 stars out of 4.


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I may have had it



I just wrote a long post and saved it to draft (unpublished).

I didn’t feel good about the words I wrote even though my soul is telling me they are the words to write.

I’ll see if I post it or not.




Hopefully someone with better reporting skills will connect the dots.

It’s all out there.  Watch out for the cigarette smoking man.


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