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The Wave Rears its Ugly Head In 9th Inning



Michael Baron ‏@michaelgbaron 1h1 hour ago
And for whatever reason, a wave is on-going in the 9th inning of a tie game at Citi Field. #mets

WHY THE HELL IS THE WAVE GOING ON DURING THE 9th? IT IS A TIED GAME? YOU @$$3$. So please explain to me how great the wave is during this moment? Who is the nitwit that starts it at a time when fans want to be paying attention? What is wrong with you people? Please defend this action. Is a tied game in the ninth that boring that you have to this? I don’t know, kind of seems like a nail biter at this time to me. Mets are down and rally back…I know let’s start the wave.

And while I am venting here, learn baseball etiquette. Don’t get up from your seat in the middle of an at bat. Wait to the end of the at bat. Have some damn consideration for the folks in the row sitting next to you and the folks who’s view you are blocking behind you. It isn’t that hard be considerate and stop just thinking about you.

You guys can say I’m not fun because I hate the wave, that’s fine with me. I hated that damn thing even as a kid. It made no sense to me.

All hail Bigelow Tea!!!

Wow. I haven’t been traveling as much this year and hadn’t caught that many radio innings, but tonight I heard Josh say “the Bob Murphy broadcast booth proudly sponsored by Bigelow Tea” or words to that effect.
 We here at MP had been offended in recent years by the boiler company sponsorship being the alleged namesake of the booth (as in The Boiler Company Broadcast Booth). We proposed using phrasing such as “proudly sponsors the Bob Murphy broadcast booth” – which is what Bigelow Tea is doing.
 I don’t know if this is new or has been happening for a while but it was the first time I heard it and it made me happy.
 Great job Bigelow, WOR and the sales team.
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Daniel Murphy, Avatar of Chaos « Faith and Fear in Flushing

Murphy Camo

As excited as I was to read a Murph article, this sentence here really nails how I think we all feel about the 2015 Mets 2.0

It’s remarkable — it’s as if the lineup that wore Mets uniforms until late July was not just from another season but from another decade, and their stats had been grafted on to this season’s through some bizarre act of nouveau recordkeeping.

Source: Daniel Murphy, Avatar of Chaos « Faith and Fear in Flushing

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