Why the empty impressions made by Face Of MLB are stupid


If you are on twitter you may have noticed the monster that is the Face of MLB contest.

At a top level voting for your favorite player seems fun, but this has devolved into stupid for stupid’s sake.

How it works is you have to tweet with the hashtag FaceofMLB (I am not using hashtags here because I don’t want some scraper-bot voting) and the name of the person you want to choose.  It’s head to head and goes on and on and on for weeks bracket style  like the NCAA Tournament.

Now why this thing sucks:

What did the TV Network do with it last year?  They talked about it for about three minutes to kill one segment at like 9 in the morning.  So three weeks of social media to kill three minutes.

I’m sure some exec will run around the offices today showing off the amount of “impressions” they got.  With social media you need metrics, so “impressions” is always a good thing to whip out.  It will big a number with several digits, so the clueless other executives will be impresses.

But what is the point?

  • Did I buy any products?  No.
  • Did it make me buy tickets? No.
  • Did it make me like David Wright more?  Not at all.  Now I get mad when I see his face on twitter.
  • Did it make me like baseball more?  No.  The opposite actually.
  • Did it get you free media coverage on some other outlets.  Maybe.  You got me last year (like you care) but not this year.  This is the first time I have mentioned it on the blog in 2015.
  • Will I watch the TV segment?  Nope.
  • In fact it made me UNFOLLOW @mets.  Is the goal of a social media contest to make me UNFOLLOW you?  You have made me so annoyed at your brand(s) that I want them out of my life?

This is just twitter masturbating itself.  Retweeting retweets like zombies.  So TV can kill three minutes.

Congrats TV Network Social Media Executive.  You came up with a social media virus.  And now I can’t stand the sight of the Captain of my team and stopped following the team on social media.  Well done.

Re-think this one everyone.  Yeah you got your impressions.  Now what are you gonna do with them?Bored with Sports Talk Radio? Try Alternative Sports Talk via TuneIn

Keith Hernandez hopes to do Mets games until he is 80


Neil best has a nice chat with the SNY TV crew that you will enjoy reading.  He asked how long they plan to stay together as a steam and Keith said…

Its very much in question how long I’m going to last here. Im shooting for 80. Id love to get over 80, but well see.

via Q&A with SNYs Mets broadcast team as it begins 10th season together – Newsday.

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Second spitter Roger McDowell gets $13.52 per airing


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A Mets inspired faxback jersey for CSU Fullerton

Jeff says…

This is the cover of baseball America. The “1975” college preview. Check out the design on the CSU Fullerton Titans (who have often had a giants-inspired design with their Chicago Bears-color scheme).

baseball america fauxbackBored with Sports Talk Radio? Try Alternative Sports Talk via TuneIn

Which one of you idiots ruined Mets bowling night

ra dickey mets bowling metspolice.com

Which of you idiots ruined bowling night?

When I went we just watched from afar, on and off, and bowled ourselves down the alley. We were very respectful of the players trying to have fun.

Afterward, Unnamed Player even hung around with a few of us. We didn’t bug him. Didn’t take pictures. Didn’t blog about it.

You guys ruined a great thing. Shame on you autograph hounds.

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