Let’s Go Mets!

Time to move on. You have to start somewhere, so let’s start here.

I feel like we’ve gone through the primaries of the Metropolitans National Convention. My candidate, Lee Mazzilli, will not be the choice of the party – so I hereby throw 100% support behind Jerry Manuel.

I hope Jerry runs off 15 straight World Series championships before retiring and entering the Hall of Fame. Best of luck to you Jerry.

When Jerry’s time ends, I’ll go back to campaigning for Lee.

In the meantime, I’m done (at least for 24 hours) with the negativity. The organization is embarrassing, but so were the 1993 Yankees. We start somewhere, lets start here tonight with a win vs. Anaheim.

Let’s Go Mets.

What Else…Willie

Graziano doesn’t pull his punches:

You keep waiting for the Mets to surprise you and start acting like a big-league organization, and they keep making you wait.

Whatever they do, from the littlest decisions to the biggest, the Mets are a consistently, aggravatingly, disappointingly small-time joke.

When you’re around the Mets all the time, your neck starts to hurt because you shake your head so much. Every day, the evidence of organization-wide incompetence hits you right in the face.

That’s just the opener. Click the link


Summary of Reactions

Just typed “Mets” into google and I think the headlines say it all. The franchise is once again at a nadir.

Just read the headlines:

Mets’ handling of Willie cowardly Newsday

Mets were classless in firing Willie Randolph SportingNews.com

Mets Fire Randolph, Embarrass Themselves in Process

Once again they make a mess of it but at least it’s over

My early-morning Web column: Mets acted cowardly

The New York Mets Are Classless; Willie Randolph’s Firing…

Mets blamed the wrong guy Boston Globe

and the irony of it all: Mets Did This At 3:00 AM So It Wouldn’t Be On Front Pages

How did that work out for them?

Add Torre As All-Star Coach

There is a vacancy on the NL All-Star Team coaches staff.

Add Joe Torre.

If they don’t have the guts to do that, add Piniella.

Link: Metsie (Kindred Spirit)

Stumbled across a kindred soul…its as if I wrote this one.

The Wilpons run this team like a joke. I am tired of seeing 5 different uniforms and 3 different caps, I am tired of nonsensical marketing promotions, I am tired about hearing about how CitiField is going to honor the heritage of the Brooklyn Dodgers, I am tired of different ticket prices based on who and when the Mets are playing.

Great stuff..click the link!