Mets Phony Attendance

So I saved this for Monday so more people would see it. On Thursday the Mets announced there were nearly 53,000 people at Shea. Yes I know they announce paid attendance.

Howie Rose, during the 9th inning, conceded the point and suggested there were 40,000. No way no way no way.

These are actual photos from the game. Note the sky, it’s two different times of the day so we’re not being tricky.

Howie, you know better….way better…all those years being the original Mets Police on the original Mets Extra before the castrated it with Todd Kalas.

So the question is Howie – what’s motivating you to exaggerate?

Thoughts on Sunday’s Game From the Upper Deck

Sat in the Upper Deck, Section 7 for tonight’s game. Again the Mets are playing with the attendance numbers. Announced for the game was 50,263. The pictures above were taken in the 3rd inning (allowing time for stragglers). You can clearly see a lot of empty seats in the upper deck on both sides of the stadium, even quite a few empty orange seats showing on the field level.

But to top it all off, take a look at this picture to the left. This is a concession stand in the upper deck (around section 15 I think) during the 2nd inning – it’s shuttered close. If the Mets are at close to capacity why are these closed?

As mentioned below, thanks to ESPN the Mr. Met Dash was cancelled. Of course the Mets did not announce this to the fans in the stadium until the after the 7th inning. Saw a lot of families leave at that point. Why weren’t the Mets making this announcement every inning from the start of the game?

Can we PLEASE kill off the wave?

Interesting – the stands at Corporate Field are lover than Shea, but the light towers are much taller.

Keyspan has changed it’s name to NationalGrid – they’ve already changed their ad in left field at Shea. Will they now change the name of the ballpark the Cyclones play at? (The biggest problem with corporate naming rights).

Diamondvision showed a highlight reel of Joe Morgan and then cut to him in the ESPN booth – at which point the crowd booed.

So now the Mets have gone 6-4 in their last 10. Guess what, the Phillies have gone 7-3