I had a terrible time at the @mets game

When you are the Mets and you have so little to market you HAVE TO get the Citi Field experience right.

Yesterday, Junior and I went to the Mets game and it was NOT GREAT BOB

It’s death by little things.

Junior wanted ice cream.  So we waited on line.  And we waited.  And waited.  I tweeted about how long the wait was.

Then we finally got to the front of the line and the nice lady told us that the machines were broken.  There was no ice cream.

So why did you and the two green-jacketed supervisors let a bunch of fans stand on a line for twenty minutes?

How hard would it have been to have someone come out front and say sorry the machine is broken.  I get it, machines break…but come on.


Then I went back to my seat.  This was around the 5th inning.  There were concert fans in the stands last night…and the concert fans were increasingly intoxicated.


Saw a lot of folks (of the same race as me if you are curious) walking around with beer cans.  The crowd was spiraling down into that annoying drunk yelling/heckling that can ruin an entire section’s enjoyment.  So we left.


There was no security to be seen.  No ushers.  No easily findable “contact the Mets if…” number.  That they mention about 45 minutes before the game and it is never mentioned again.


The concert fans were there for the concert.   They were not there for the Mets. The Mets filled their park so they will be happy.


I had a bad time…drove home thinking about selling some of my future tickets….am kind of glad I don’t have a game for a few weeks.


The Mets may have had a hot date with some concert fans, but you are married to the people like me.  Unless you can fill the park with cheap thrills night after night you better focus on the baseball fan with the kids.  Oh, and maybe the baseball.


Not great Bob.  See you at the mall.


UPDATE Tuesday:

This is post is getting way more attention than I ever imagined.

To clarify, as there is an article out there which is confusing some folks, I was not there for the concert.  I left around the 5th or 6th inning, I don’t remember.

While I was there the crowd was becoming less enjoyable to be around.  I did personally experience people jeering in the back rows of 514.  I did not enjoy their company so I left.

I did not see any security from my seat, including looking around from my vantage for red shirted security.  If there is a readily available customer contact number I am unfamiliar with what it is or how I should have proceeded.  I just chose to leave.

I did see folks with beer cans walking around.  I even saw Media Goon with a beer can at around 3:30pm, although he was quietly enjoying his beverage.

Media has been inquiring about the fight videos that are circulating.  I know nothing about them other than my link to the Gothamist post.

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Shannon Shark @metspolice

Shannon Shark is the founder of MetsPolice.com, tweets as @metspolice, is an avid fan of Lee Mazzilli and Daniel Murphy, hates black uniforms and is the author of "Send The Beer Guy" available at Amazon.com. #imwith28

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45 Responses

  1. mrmet115 says:

    metspolice hosting a thug concert is example of how desperate #Wilpons are to get $$$ and how little they care abt fanbase #frauds

  2. dyhrdmet says:

    my friend had the same experience with the ice cream machines behind 516 in the 5th inning too. she moved to another concession and was served (no pun intended) fairly quickly. and in much less time it took them to make new pretzels for several consumers at the same stand (an entire inning).
    i don’t think that’s reason enough to stay away unless you really just don’t want to go anymore. but it’s really not ideal and overall, things need to be improved, which i hope our imaginary new owners will do.

    oh, and then the concert crowd. i might have to shower twice to get the smell off of me.

  3. Mediagoon says:

    I had to leave yesterday too..I could see me getting into a fight with some of those dopey 50 cent fans… They were serving beer last night into the 9th inning…

  4. hokiebecca04 says:

    metspolice Mets the bridge was really bad, too. Some idiot threw beer and soaked us. I mean we all drink, but let’s try to have fun.

  5. Ceetar says:

    metspolice Mets Sounds similar to the experience when the Mets are good and on Sunday Night Basball. People suck.

  6. MeeshFrack says:

    metspolice Mets yikes. So sorry you had that experience, hopefully they can make up for the ice cream w/a food voucher or something

  7. verceman says:

    kranepool Mets well MetsGM said to stay off twitter and ignore the bloggers so don’t count on the experience getting better metspolice

  8. RogerClark41 says:

    metspolice I was there too. Very frustrating. Terrible product on the field.

  9. DyHrdMET says:

    metspolice Mets ugh. the smell & smoke from the upper deck for the concert. one guy fell down 4 or 5 rows onto another guy. no security.

  10. metspolice says:

    .MeeshFrack Mets I don’t want anything. The blog is never about wanting anything other than the Mets to make the fan experience awesome.

  11. DarthChipper says:

    DyHrdMET metspolice Mets we saw tons of security on all levels as we walked around + it’s easy enough to find someone to complain to

  12. metspolice says:

    .DarthChipper DyHrdMET Mets since I like to provide solutions the solution is to mention the Fan Assist # during the game a few times.

  13. DarthChipper says:

    metspolice DyHrdMET Mets absolutely – plus the ushers/joypolice should know number & directions to fan assist windows and kiosks.

  14. MeeshFrack says:

    metspolice I hear ya, but they should, it’s just providing good fan experience.

  15. DarthChipper says:

    metspolice DyHrdMET Mets to be fair, I was there for the Wheeler bobblehead, the concert and cheer the Mets and watch world cup. Busy day

  16. MitFein says:

    metspolice Mets The 50c concert itself was poorly run. We had OF seats. Ushers would NOT let us move to sections with stage view.

  17. AldersonFake says:

    Ceetar metspolice Mets When the Mets are good? What’d I miss.

  18. MitFein says:

    metspolice Mets Those who went to the game strictly for 50c are pathetic. Surprised the Mets had to max $ by selling beer throughout.

  19. DyHrdMET says:

    DarthChipper metspolice Mets no security in the 500s seating area at all. i wasn’t gonna go be “that guy”. security turned a blind eye.

  20. Ceetar says:

    AldersonFake metspolice Mets Sorry, I meant “when the Mets appeal to ESPN”. They’re not mutually exclusive, just close.

  21. Rob_Zloto says:

    metspolice MeeshFrack Mets that’s rough Shannon. when it comes to who to use for concert series they should keep in mind artist fan base

  22. Rob_Zloto says:

    metspolice DarthChipper DyHrdMET Mets or have signs of it in regular spots

  23. mjlupton says:

    metspolice DarthChipper DyHrdMET Mets Citizens Bank Park has a number you can text with issues.

  24. Fred and Fredo says:

    Not feeling sorry for you. You paid for your tickets and you knew exactly what you were going to get. I would rather burn cash than give it to the Wilpons so they can do the same.

  25. RobertAitkenBR says:

    I was there with my girlfriend yesterday. We upgraded our seats with the MLB At the Ballpark app and they gave us a hard time, sending us down to the ticket office for no reason at all. The results of the game aside, everything was fine while we sat there. As the concert was being set up and was starting, however, it was a whole different monster. We saw the fight that is making its way around the Internet. It was roughly ten sections from us. We also saw people smoking weed and snorting coke just seats away from us. I would look back at security people at the top of the sections and they would be pointing out the clouds of smoke but never coming down to get anyone out of there. Ultimately, we left because I saw some people looking at me and my girlfriend in a way that I didn’t like and I didn’t want to get followed into the parking lot. It was literally that kind of feeling yesterday.

  26. DarthChipper says:

    DyHrdMET metspolice Mets don’t blame you! Sad that you didn’t have a good experience.

  27. NYMetfan says:

    STLMetsFan5 Mets metspolice take note Mets parking today was an embarrassment. Lucky many came. But lot attendants clueless. Cost u fans

  28. DyHrdMET says:

    DarthChipper metspolice Mets i hope the cleaned up the ballpark and got the stench of the concert gone before today’s game.

  29. NickR83 says:

    MitFein When the game ended we moved around to the area behind home plate. Went down to field level, packed. Not allowed into middle level.

  30. NickR83 says:

    MitFein ended up going back on promenade level but in different seats behind home plate. Should’ve moves as soon as game ended.

  31. NickR83 says:

    metspolice Saddest thing I take away from yesterday is the fact that they were fans who just came into the ballpark at the start of the 7th

  32. NickR83 says:

    metspolice inning just to see the concert. Couldn’t care less about the baseball game. Tells u how bad the state of Mets is right now.

  33. metspolice says:

    .NickR83 yeah. I’m sure the Mets are happy they sold tickets, but they didn’t make fans for the Mets.

  34. DyHrdMET says:

    metspolice NickR83 well said. i even saw people arriving 20 mins into the concert. but some “fans” even came 2 hrs before the game.

  35. tams5678 says:

    STLMetsFan5 metspolice Mets great read. Sux they r taking the baseball out of baseball games

  36. WakefieldsBoss says:

    NickR83 metspolice There was a long line of people coming into the stadium in the 7th. Saw them filing/staggering in on my way out.

  37. Mediagoon says:

    @metspolice DarthChipper DyHrdMET Mets That fan assist number should be shown at all times during a game.

  38. MitFein says:

    NickR83 Mets CitiFieldEvents ushers in sect 123 would not allow people from the same level but diff section to move in to see the show.

  39. Annoyed Mets Fan says:

    I’ve been a Mets fan for over 40 years. I will not go to Citi Field as long as the Wilpons own the team. They are among the worst owners of any team in any sport — quite possibly the worst. Hopefully when their pal Selig is gone as Commissioner, the league can put the lean on them and ask why it is that a team in the biggest market in the country is being run like a medium market team.

  40. d_malandruccolo says:

    CStein66 please DM me your contact info.

  41. Tommy2cat says:

    Went to the game with to sons.  Absolute worst experience at a Met game ever. Fortunately,  they’re old enough to see the humor in an awful team and the owner’s desperate attempt to fill the seats. 

    “Godawful” isn’t strong enough to describe our day at Citi Field.

  42. Tommy2cat says:

    Oh yeah. .. we concluded that the game’s score, 5-0, was the Wilpons’ tribute to “Fitty Thent”.   lmao   :)

  43. Mets B of A credit line says:

    What do they charge for an ice cream cone at Citifield these days – about $8?!  I can’t see how anyone would buy any food at the ballpark these days.  The prices were ridiculous but tolerable 30 years ago, but the inflated prices today are simply insane.

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