Exciting Mets Game Notes


A hedge fund billionaire not signing the players of these agents.

Well, we’ve killed off another winter.  Welcome to SEASON 17 of Mets Police (yikes!).  Here are some FUN FACTS from my friends, the Mets.

The Mets open up Grapefruit League play today at Clover Park against the St. Louis Cardinals. The squad will play a total of 31 Spring Training games from February 24-March 25 before opening up the regular season on March 28 vs. the Milwaukee Brewers at Citi Field.

Against the Cardinals: Today, the Mets will play their first of six Grapefruit League games against the Cardinals. Last season, the Mets won the season series over St. Louis, 4-3, and outscored the Cardinals 43-26. The Mets will take on the Cardinals from April 26-28 at Citi Field and from May 6-8 at Busch Stadium.

Mendoza Lines: Carlos Mendoza will begin his first season as the 25th manager in franchise history. The 44-year-old spent the previous 15 seasons with the Yankees organization, including the last four as the club’s bench coach. From 2018-2019, Mendoza served as the Yankees’ quality control coach. Prior to joining the big league coaching staff, Mendoza served as a manager and coach in the Yankees farm system. A native of Barquisimeto, Venezuela, Mendoza is the second full-time Venezuelan-born manager in big league history, joining Ozzie Guillén.

Pete Alonso finished the 2023 season third in the majors in homers with 46 and second in RBI with 118. He became the fifth player in major league history with three or more seasons of 40 or more homers in their first five years, joining Ralph Kiner (four), Ryan Howard, Albert Pujols, and Eddie Mathews (three each). His 192 career home runs are the most in the majors since his MLB debut in 2019 and are the third-most in major league history by a player in their first five major league seasons, trailing only Kiner (215) and Pujols (201). Alonso currently ranks tied for fourth with Howard Johnson on the Mets.  I guess we no longer talk about OPS though. And definitely not batting average.  Pete isn’t actually that good at baseball.  He’s not even the best first baseman in the division.

The 2024 Mets enter the season with several new players on the roster. These include Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Shohei Ohtani These Guys

Free agent signings:

  • OF Harrison Bader
  • LHP Jake Diekman
  • RHP Shintaro Fujinami
  • RHP Jorge López
  • LHP Sean Manaea
  • RHP Luis Severino
  • RHP Michael Tonkin
  • INF Joey Wendle

Trade acquisitions:

  • RHP Adrian Houser
  • RHP Yohan Ramírez
  • OF Tyrone Taylor

Waiver claims:

  • RHP Max Kranick
  • INF Zack Short

Minor league free agents:

  • RHP Austin Adams
  • C Austin Allen
  • INF Rylan Bannon
  • INF Ji-Man Choi
  • RHP Kyle Crick
  • OF Ben Gamel
  • INF Jose Iglesias
  • OF Taylor Kohlwey
  • RHP Cam Robinson
  • INF Yolmer Sánchez
  • RHP Chad Smith
  • RHP Cole Sulser
  • OF Trayce Tho

Man that’s exciting.  And for you DISEASED GAMBLERS…here are your scheduled pitchers

Saturday, February 24 – 1:10 PM vs. St Louis


  • RHP Adam Kloffenstein
  • RHP Victor Santos
  • RHP Andre Pallante
  • RHP Nick Robertson
  • RHP Riley O’Brien


  • RHP Tylor Megill
  • RHP Reed Garrett
  • LHP Josh Walker
  • RHP Yacksel Ríos
  • LHP Nate Lavender

Sunday, February 25 – 1:10 PM vs. Houston


  • RHP Brandon Bielak
  • RHP AJ Blubaugh
  • RHP Rhett Kouba
  • RHP Joel Kuhnel


  • RHP José Buttó
  • RHP Cole Sulser
  • LHP Danny Young
  • RHP Austin Adams
  • RHP Yohan Ramírez

Monday, February 26 – 1:05 PM at Washington


  • RHP Max Kranick
  • RHP Cam Robinson
  • RHP Eric Orze
  • RHP Sean Reid-Foley


  • RHP Josiah Gray
  • RHP Cole Henry
  • LHP Mitchell Parker
  • LHP Jose A. Ferrer
  • LHP Robert Garcia
  • RHP Tanner Rainey
  • RHP Thaddeus Ward

Enjoy the practice baseball game.  I don’t have SNY so I am free to spend my Saturday doing OTHER THINGS

Let’s see how long the official Mets podcast lasts

Let’s see how long the Mets stay in the podcasting business.  The series description says episodes Monday and Thursday.   February 24th, 2024, is a Saturday.  Also the audio sucks.  Come on guys….



The new official team podcast launches on Feb. 24 with an exclusive interview with Howie Rose and Mets Owner Steve Cohen 



FLUSHING, N.Y., Feb. 23, 2024 – The New York Mets announced the launch of a new official team podcast, Meet at the Apple. The podcast drops on February 24, opening with hosts/Mets employees, Jonathan Baron and Vito Calise introducing an interview between Mets broadcaster Howie Rose and Mets owner Steve Cohen. 


“Meet at the Apple is not your average baseball podcast and is very different than anything we’ve ever done at the Mets before,” shared Mets Chief Marketing Officer Andy Goldberg. “This is a twice-weekly, behind-the-scenes look for our fans, providing them unrivaled access to our players, coaches and front office staff. This podcast is meant to stretch far beyond the stats and scores and take a deeper cultural look at what the Mets mean to our fans, the community of Queens and more.” 


Some consistent content fans can look forward to on the two-times-a-week Meet at the Apple podcast include:  

·       Exclusive regular appearances and interviews with Mets manager Carlos Mendoza. 

·       Regular appearances by Mets players.  

·       Fan insights on what our players do with their spare time. 

·       Discussions on what’s new each homestand at Citi Field – from new food vendors to promotions and specials – this is an inside look at the excitement of what’s coming to the ballpark.  

·       Recurring segments with Mets players, including Francisco Lindor and Edwin Díaz. 


“It’s all about the experience of being a Mets fan,” said podcast host Vito Calise. “Podcast listeners will not only learn about baseball updates, but it goes deeper, exploring the players’ and coaches’ opinions on just about everything – from fashion to food and music – it’s understanding the Mets on a whole new level.” Hosts Jonathan Baron and Vito Calise are not only Mets employees but grew up as lifelong Mets fans as well.  


Fans can listen to the inaugural episode of Meet at the Apple on February 24, which will feature an exclusive interview between Howie Rose and Mets owner Steve Cohen. During the interview, Steve talks to Howie about the offseason, Pete Alonso, his deep connection to the Mets fanbase and what he’s most looking forward to this coming season – including new features being added to Citi Field. Follow “Meet at the Apple” NOW and get notified the second the full episode and premiere is released! Fans can listen to the podcast here or on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever they get their podcasts.  

I mean, it’s not like the Mets lose Senga

Nothing to see here. Former Wilpons intern David Stearns has it under control. It’s not as if the Mets are rebuilding.

Now tell me Picard. How many aces do you see?

Master of the house, doling out the charmReady with a handshake and an open palmTells a saucy tale, makes a little stirCustomers appreciate a bon-viveur

The Outage


Steve is  looking perplexed and distressed. Jerry is in the kitchen, making a sandwich.

STEVE: (frustrated) I don’t get it, Jerry. Why aren’t any free agents calling me? I’ve got the money, the charm, the… Mets.

JERRY: (casually) Well, who’s your carrier?

STEVE:  (indignant)  Who’s my carrier?

JERRY: (bemused)  There was the AT&T outage today. Did you hear about that?

STEVE: (perking up) Outage? What outage?

JERRY: (walking over with his sandwich) Yeah, massive AT&T outage. No calls going in or out. It’s been chaos.

STEVE: (suddenly hopeful) So, you’re telling me there’s a reason no free agents have been calling? It’s not me; it’s AT&T?

JERRY: (taking a bite of his sandwich) Exactly. It’s not your lack of appeal; it’s the lack of a signal.

Just then, Kramer bursts into the apartment, phone in hand.

KRAMER: (excitedly) You guys won’t believe this! I’ve been trying to call you all day. There’s a huge AT&T outage!

STEVE: (to Jerry) You see? This explains everything!

JERRY: (dryly) Yeah, because the only thing standing between you and a championship team is reliable cell service.

KRAMER: I’m surprised you’re even here.  I heard on F-A-N that Ohtani’s people showed up at Citi Field, I figured you’d be there

STEVE: (anxiously) Ohtani’s people were at Citi Field?  I’ve been trying to get Ohtani’s attention for months!

KRAMER: (helpfully) Maybe you need to upgrade your cell plan.

STEVE: (ignoring Kramer’s suggestion) I have to fix this. Maybe I can still catch them!

JERRY: (chuckling) What are you going to do, Steve? Send a smoke signal from the rooftop?

The scene ends with Steve grabbing his coat and rushing out the door in a panic, determined to salvage the situation, while Kramer mulls over the logistics of training a carrier falcon, and Jerry finds amusement in the chaos of Steve’s predicament.


David, a Mets executive, sits at a large conference table across from Shohei Ohtani’s representatives, a team of impeccably dressed Japanese agents. The atmosphere is tense but hopeful.

DAVID: (trying to dial) Let me just get Steve on the line to finalize the details. He’s thrilled about the possibility of bringing Ohtani to the Mets.

He attempts to call Steve, but after a few seconds, he looks perplexed and tries again. The room is silent, save for the awkward sound of the call failing to connect.

JAPANESE AGENT 1: (concerned) Is there a problem?

DAVID: (embarrassed) It seems there’s a slight issue with our service provider . Let me try one more time.

He dials again, but no luck. The agents exchange glances, clearly unimpressed.

JAPANESE AGENT 2: (disappointed) In Japan, reliability is paramount. It is… troubling that your owner cannot be reached for such an important discussion.

DAVID: (apologetically) I assure you, this is highly unusual. Steve is very eager to speak with you.

JAPANESE AGENT 1: (dryly) It appears his eagerness does not extend to his choice of telecommunications provider.

The agents stand, preparing to leave.

DAVID: (desperately) Please, if you could just give us a moment. We can work this out.

JAPANESE AGENT 2: (politely) We appreciate your time, but we have a schedule to keep. Perhaps when Steve is more… accessible.


Shohei Ohtani’s representatives are calmly walking away from Citi Field when a disheveled and frantic Steve bursts onto the scene, desperately trying to catch their attention.

STEVE: (panting) Please, wait! You have to hear me out!

The representatives stop, turning with a mix of curiosity and impatience as Steve approaches, his tie askew and his demeanor frantic.

JAPANESE AGENT 1: (politely) We were under the impression you were unavailable to meet.

STEVE: (desperate) It was a misunderstanding! An AT&T outage. But I’m here now, and I’m ready to do whatever it takes to bring Ohtani to the Mets.

JAPANESE AGENT 2: (with a polite but cold smile) I’m afraid your… dedication, while admirable, comes a bit too late.

STEVE: (begging) No, please, you don’t understand. I can offer anything—better terms, a better deal, a casino!

The representatives exchange a glance, their decision already made.

JAPANESE AGENT 1: (gently) We appreciate your… enthusiasm. However, we seek a partnership that begins with reliability and trust—qualities today’s events have unfortunately cast into doubt.

STEVE: (pleading) I can fix this. Just give me a chance!

JAPANESE AGENT 2: (bowing slightly) We thank you for your time. We wish the Mets all the best in their future endeavors.

With that, the agents turn and walk away, leaving a defeated Steve standing alone, grappling with the realization that his technological mishap has cost him dearly.

STEVE: (muttering to himself) AT&T…