Mendoza Watch Watch: “…Manager has lost control” appears in article

For newer readers, a Watch Watch is when we see what others are writing about a possible manager watch.

In the Post, Joel Sherman writes: (the bold is mine)

Mendoza is a first-year manager and while he has handled himself well and forged strong relationships with his bosses, clubhouse and reporters, his team has played sloppily. At some point that reflects on the manager. And, for sure, unprofessional behavior by players does as well. This is a moment when Mendoza needed his bosses’ support because it was so clear how perturbed he was by what Lopez had done, so clear that he felt this is the kind of behavior that cannot be accepted without raising consideration that the manager has lost control. 

Let me remind you:

Despite the spin, the Mets wanted Counsell, and Mendoza was the quick patch.  Steve says Stearns had nothing to do with firing Buck.  Buck is on Steve. Mendoza is on Stearns.

John Gibbons is the bench coach.


Ramos calls Steve Cohen’s bluff – but we’re still giving a park to a billionaire

It won’t exactly be James Bond paying baccarat

Interesting development here…

Form the NY Post

Steve Cohen’s Mets are losers — and so is apparently his Queens casino bid, at least for now.

State Sen. Jessica Ramos — who represents the Flushing-Corona area where Cohen wants to erect an $8 billion “Metropolitan Park” casino-entertainment complex — says she will not introduce legislation allowing the billionaire clubhouse owner to obtain a permit needed for his project to go forward.

In a statement, the  representative of the common man said:

“I will not introduce legislation to alienate parkland in Corona for the purposes of a casino. Whether people rallied for or against Metropolitan Park, I heard the same dreams for Corona. We want investment and opportunity, we are desperate for green space, and recreation for the whole family. We disagree on the premise that we have to accept a casino in our backyard as the trade-off. I resent the conditions and the generations of neglect that have made many of us so desperate that we would be willing to settle.

I have drafted an alternative alienation bill that strikes a balance and would allow Mr. Cohen and Hard Rock to build a convention center and hotel, and more than double the proposed open green space. The parcel in question is in strategic proximity to LaGuardia Airport, and allows for visitors and tourists to feed into our vibrant food scene while addressing the consequence of
climate change in the area. Mr. Cohen and Hard Rock would still make a profit, albeit less. I hope my Assembly counterpart will consider this proposal so we can bring it to the Governor’s office and get to work. I recommend the City amend the lease to collect revenue from propertytax and allow for speedy renovation of this parcel. Mr. Cohen and his team have often declared their love for our community and said theyrecognize our potential. Finding a path forward would be a good way to show it.”

I am less excited than I was initially.  I still don’t see why we are giving parkland to a billionaire to build anything.  If he wants to make the area better then let’s let him build A PARK.

Anyway, his bluff has been called. Let’s see if he is still interested in the hotel business.


Someone at the Mets needs to start dressing Carlos Mendoza

Everything he wore this weekend looked terrible.  I’M A TERRIBLE DRESSER so I know what I’m talking about here.

Steve, this goes back to brand.  The guy in charge looks like me in IDGAF mode at weekend picnic.

Pat Riley he is not.   Who decided oversized cap and ill-fitting t-shirt is the way to go here?

Yeah I’l; have another hot dog
It’s going ok I guess
Yeah, so I work for the New York Mets
Yeah one more beer sounds good