2025 Mets Schedule

The Mets will open the 2025 home campaign on Friday, April 4 vs. Toronto. New York will continue its first homestand Saturday, April 5 and Sunday, April 6 vs. the Blue Jays. The Marlins come to Citi Field, Monday, April 7-Wednesday, April 9 to close out the opening homestand.

The Mets will host the Yankees at Citi Field for a three-game series, Friday, July 4-Sunday, July 6. The Amazin’s will travel to The Bronx for a three-game set, Friday, May 16-Sunday, May 18.

ATH is the Sacramento A’s in case you’re wondering.

Supposed highlights of the 2025 home schedule:

  • St. Louis Cardinals, Thursday, April 17-Sunday, April 20
  • Chicago Cubs – Mother’s Day Series – Friday, May 9-Sunday, May 11
  • Los Angeles Dodgers, Friday, May 23-Sunday, May 25
  • Chicago White Sox – Memorial Day – Monday, May 26
  • Tampa Bay Rays – Father’s Day Series – Friday, June 13-Sunday, June 15
  • Cincinnati Reds, Friday, July 18-Sunday, July 20
  • San Francisco Giants, Friday, August 1-Sunday, August 3
  • Seattle Mariners, Friday, August 15-Sunday, August 17
  • 2023 defending World Series champions Texas Rangers, Friday, September 12-Sunday, September 14

Let’s fix the Mets brand: #4 Stop chasing gimmicks

Tom Seaver and Dwight Gooden


One of these seasons the Mets will put it all together and make a playoff run.  The following season you’ll draw 2.7 million.

One of these seasons will be a disaster and the Mets will lose 100 games  The following season you’ll draw 2.1 million.


Stop chasing the gimmicks and just stick to basics.

Tom Seaver and Dwight Gooden

Every generation throws a hero up the pop chart.  He’s Seaver, or Mazzilli or Strawberry or Piazza or David Wright or Matt Harvey…and right now you have Nimmo not Lindor and not Pete if you REALLY have a feel for things.

You know what doesn’t work?  Gimmicks.

Nobody is coming for scoreboard ribbons.  They aren’t coming to hear OMG even if you guys force a post-game concert before the fireworks and act like it’s a success.  Nobody is coming for a Grimace joke that lasted three weeks to long.

Nobody in the “Asian market” became a Mets fan when Shinjo was the hot item in town.   Nobody became a fan because of “Los Mets.”

Nobody became a fan to “Catch the Rising Stars.”  Nobody became a fan because of a Nickelodeon theme park in right field.

Nobody became a fan because of swoosh jerseys or City Connects.

Nobody is coming for a dance team or because there is something new in the food court.

Nobody is coming because your first baseman acts like he’s 12.  They WILL come if he hits enough home runs.  In the meantime, “Let’s Go Mets” works pretty well without adding in a swear word.

When you win 100 games, your Wall Street buddies will buy a box and entertain their clients.  These people are phony.  It’s just business. All of this has happened before and will happen again.

When you lose 100 games they will take their business back to the Yankees or the Knicks. These people are phony.  It’s just business.  All of this has happened before and will happen again.

When the next hero comes along, some younger fans will attach themselves to that player, and by proxy the Mets.  Market the heck out of that guy, but make sure he understands the relationship.   These young fans will be your paying customers when the Seaver fans die off.   Nurture them.

When that next hero comes along, let the player be the player.  Nobody is the next Seaver.  Nobody is the next anybody.  Don’t tell me the player is breaking some record thats been around since 1900 because we all know that not everything in baseball is on the up-and-up whether it’s the 1920s or the 2020s.

In ten years, nobody will support you because of a scoreboard ribbon back in 2024, or a manufactured hit song, or the Grimace, or an overworn City Connect jersey.

There are no casual fans Steve.   Don’t chase them.  There ARE lapsed fans. Get them back.

We’re 60+ years into this now.  Be the New York Mets.  You don’t have to be the little brother.  You don’t have to gimmick your way to things.

Market to a dad and his son.  A hot dog and a beer.  Some old memories and some new.  Maybe market, you know, a baseball game.  Maybe we should go see a baseball game because of the baseball game part.

Put the museum back.  Unsold tickets don’t visit the gift shop.

Wear the proper uniforms.  Be the New York Mets, not the latest trend on Tik Tok.

There are no casual fans Steve.  Dance with who brung ya.

Let’s fix the Mets brand: #3 Back to Blue and Orange

Steve, today let’s talk about the visual identity.

The Mets should loo like this

Let’s start with the obvious: the Mets’ colors are blue and orange.  It’s in the song.  These bold, vibrant hues have been with us since day one, and they’re an integral part of our history and identity. When you see that perfect combination of blue and orange, you immediately think of the Mets.

The Mets’ primary logo, featuring the iconic skyline of New York City and the stylized “Mets” script, is another essential element of the brand. This logo perfectly captures the essence of the team – a club that proudly represents the greatest city in the world, with a unique style and character all its own. When you see that logo, you know exactly who we are and what we stand for.

While the City Connect uniforms attempted to bond with the city, it was clearly a concept executed by Fake New Yorkers. The proof there was the phrasing in the marketing about the “”purple for the 7 Line.”

Real New Yorkers take the 7 TRAIN.  They might take the Flushing Line, but there is no mode of transportation called the 7 Line, that’s a t-shirt company.   Is there a 4 line?  Did Duke Ellington take the A line?  No and No.  There is no 7 Line.  It’s a fatal flaw in the branding attempt.  Also, you wanna bridge New York City? How about a logo with the skyline and, you know, a bridge.  Maybe somehow use ancient technology to add an NY to it.

So when you slap together black and gray N Y C uniform – it’s not bad if MLB is going to force a city connect on you (something Hal Steinbrenner resists, suggesting he’s tougher than you Steve).  However, just because it exists doesn’t mean you HAVE to wear it every week.

Similarly, the current black jersey is terrible.  I’m not here to litigate the black uniforms.  If you insist on doing it once a week on Friday, ok fine (I don’t love it but I am trying to work with you here) at least get a version where THE BRAND CAN BE SEEN.  You can’t even see the team name on these things.  If you insist on black go back to the WIlpons era version of it, including the best of teh set – the road blacks.

The blue and orange colors should be featured prominently in all aspects of the team’s visual identity, from uniforms and merchandise to stadium graphics and digital media. The primary logo should be used consistently and effectively, serving as a constant reminder of the Mets’ identity and heritage.  Mixing in all these other things only waters things down.  The other brand of baseball uptown understands this.  You and the previous owners sometimes treat the Mets like an Arena Football Team, chasing the latest gimmick.

When we see our team take the field in those classic blue and orange uniforms, with that timeless logo proudly displayed, we feel a sense of unity and pride. We know that we’re all part of something special – a community of fans that spans generations and brings us together in our shared love for the Mets.

I can’t believe we even need to have this conversation after all these years. Eventually, even the Wilpons got this right with the 2012 reset.  You have somehow set the team backward.  It’s like the Museum Mistake, it’s incongruous with all the other history-related things you’ve moved forward,

It’s the little things that make a brand…and right now, the brand is muddled.

Case in point, look at the cap above.  Can you even see the NY that you’re supposedly bonding with?  Now make it orange (on blue) and POP.

Steve, I’m trying to help.  You’ve brought in outsiders to run your marketing, but that’s just the problem – they are outsiders. There are no casual fans.  You’re chasing the wrong dollars.  They don’t understand the Mets, and you’re letting them do silly things like Dance Teams, when you’d be better off just paying the licensing for the Curly Shuffle.  But that’s for tomorrow.

Let’s fix the Mets brand: #2 Put the Mets museum back


You’ve done a pretty decent job tapping into Mets history.  Some might say you’ve even over done it (Hall of Famer Al Leiter???  Straw and Doc in the same year??)).

However, some moves you make no sense in light of the above efforts.

Why did you get rid of the museum?  The museum was one of the gems of Citi Field, and you got rid of it to what, sell some fanatics crap?

This fix is super easy Steve.  You fall on your sword and say “we’ve heard from the fans…” and you but the museum back.  Then you wow people by announcing the museum will be bigger and better.   Take a look at what Barcelona has.

I mean Steve, come on man.  This isn’t hard.  Send someone over to Barcelona with a camera and build an awesome Mets Museum and Hall of Fame BACK WHERE IT WAS.

And Steve – here’s a big one you and the crack marketing team forgot.  EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP.  Duh.  Come on bro. You blew this one.  Fire whoever made the call to get rid of the museum.  Admit you blew it and fix it.