The Mets All Star Game cap is atrocious. Take a look.

The Mets (and by the Mets I mean Daniel Murphy, All-Star) will be wearing these in the game because baseball has to ruin everything. Yuckity yuck yuck yuck yuck.  But yes I am a capitalist and will try to sell you some as soon as I get an affiliate link.  What a hypocrite I am.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 4.59.07 PM

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Shannon Shark @metspolice

Shannon Shark is the founder of, tweets as @metspolice, is an avid fan of Lee Mazzilli and Daniel Murphy, hates black uniforms and is the author of "Send The Beer Guy" available at #imwith28

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9 Responses

  1. BrianSokoloff says:

    metspolice Is there a name for that stupid, doofy brim shape? I agree. It is disgusting.

  2. metspolice says:

    “BrianSokoloff: metspolice Is there a name for that stupid, doofy brim shape? I agree. It is disgusting.” “Twins Idiotic” (TM)

  3. DavidGolden1 says:

    @metspolice BrianSokoloff metspolice It’s a flat brim, often sported by fans of jamtronica bands such as the Disco Biscuits. You may see the look accessorized with glow rings and blink, sparkly stuff. To paraphrase a classic line, there’s no Untz in baseball.

  4. GregNugget says:

    metspolice You represent your team wearing a hat that your team does wear? Wonderful. We are one step away from ASG uniforms like NBA.

  5. WexlerRules says:

    metspolice That is hideous. I actually thought the July 4 caps were pretty decent for an alternate cap.

  6. cbsrustyshack says:

    metspolice do they make every hat with the wide brim. Only rappers pull that look off.

  7. ScottSchnipper says:

    metspolice Ick. Let’s all look like gas station attendants. …(ummm, not that there’s anything wrong with that)

  8. CollectTheMets says:

    metspolice Will it look any better at 40% off in 2 weeks? Asking for a friend…

  9. willmusto says:

    CollectTheMets metspolice I kind of dig it, personally…

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