Mets redesign Delta Marketplace menu. We have pics.

The Mets have some new sandwiches on the Delta Marketplace menu.
(From Left to Right) Portabella, Eggplant, Pepper & Spinach w/Olive Tapenade and Feta; Skirt Steak, Mushroom, Tomato, Artichoke & Parsley Vinaigrette Panini; Torta al Pastor Panini
(From Left to Right) Pepperoni, Cheese, Roasted Garlic & Mushroom Pizza, Barbeque Pork Vietnamese Pizza, Arugula & Mushroom Pizza
(From Left to Right) Italian Salsicca w/Onions & Peppers; Chicken Sausage w/Guacamole & Black Bean Corn Salsa; Apple Chicken Sausage w/Blue Cheese Crumbles, Honey & Frizzled Onions

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16 Replies to “Mets redesign Delta Marketplace menu. We have pics.”

      1. When there is nothing positive to report about the actual team on the field…this stuff becomes a slap in the face.  Is what it is.

  1. Most of us can’t afford to set foot in the Delta Club. Why do we care?


    What the Mets should do is eliminate some of their over abundance of
    overpriced clubs with a limited overprice menu and covert the space to sit-down
    restraints open to all seating area’s with a much larger menu less gourmet menu
    like Harry the K’s at Citizen’s Bank Park. Even posh Yankee Stadium (aka Yankee
    international Airport) has more restaurants open to the average general public
    then Citi Field.

  2. I thought they were offering a giant Box of Chocolates this year as a tribute to Alderson’s negotiating skills and baseballen acumen? This stuff is disappointing!

  3. I once had access to one of thee Delta Clubs. They wouldn’t let me bring in my hot dog that I purchased from one of the concourse stands. I went back into the stadium and watched the game with the rest of the  proletariat. 

  4. Kudos to Shannon for this post. Some people will say that it’sbsad because the post is about this and not about the Mets on the field, but we have hundreds of websites talking about the Mets on the field. (And they’re not as appetizing)

    Keep up the quirky and fun posts as well as posts about Mets On-field matters. It’s what makes you different from the routine ramblings on other pages!

  5. Still probably holding Brooklyn Brewery hostage to spend $50,000 on advertising on SNY though.  

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