Did the Mets crib an idea from a Uni Watch reader? (Link)

Scully, look at this on Uni Watch

What is it Mulder? I don’t have my reading glasses.

Looks like the Mets might have maybe perhaps possibly cribbed an idea from a Uni Watch reader.

Read it to me Mulder.

I can’t do that Scully, that bad blog etiquette.  But you can read all about it on Uni Watch.

What’s the highlight Mulder?

UW tweeted about an original idea for the Mets to tribute Tom Seaver and golly gee the Mets came up with it all on their own!

Shortly after yesterday’s game started, I got in touch with a Mets contact, who said, “I would suspect some in the Mets org probably did [see the tweet]. … I doubt they’d admit it if they did take the idea from you.” That contact then asked a few people and told me, “I asked…didn’t get a real answer. Doesn’t sound like the PR department knows where the idea came from, genuinely.”

(via Uni Watch, Paul tells the story well go read it.)