Three Teams That Will Not Win The AFC East

1.  Dolphins – Tony Sparano won’t get whacked by Bill Parcells but when you are starting the Jets discard at QB, you ain’t winning.  That being said – they will finish ahead of the Jets.  Yes, Parcells is that smart.

2.  Jets – Brett is 39 running a new offense.  Plus they are the Jets, they have a curse, as done Madden ’09.   Look for Brett to have a miserable season playing in about 9 games.

3.  Bills – one foot out the door on their way to Toronto.   Not good for the fans, not good for the team.

Yeah I’m picking the Patriots.  You’d be an idiot not to.

Yankee Stadium Relocation Guide

Some of the more veteran ticket holders have gotten the invitation to fill out a survey about what tickets they would like in the new stadium, but if you know your log-in you can fill it out now.

Basically, the cheap seats are $20, and there aren’t many of them.  Also $25’s then it jumps to $45.

Nice win for the Mets last night, really nice, but be honest – you thought the bullpen would blow it.

Mets Police Announce Curse Of The PSL’s Placed On Giants

(EAST RUTHERFORD) – The “Mets Police” today announced they were placing a curse on the Evil Money Grubbing Football Giants Of New Jersey.

The Curse of The PSL’s will remain in effect for the remainder of the Giants tenure at Giants Stadium, and for the entire lifetime of “New Meadowlands Stadium.”   The Curse of The PSL’s is punishment for being completely disrespectful of their fanbase in 2008.

The Curse shall cause the Giants to never ever win the Super Bowl until “New Meadowlands” is torn down.   No transfer of ownership will lift the curse, so the team should stay in the losing hands of the present ownership forever.   They will have their money, but they shall have no additional rings.

The Mets Police decided not to place a similar curse on the Jets because (a) they met the fanbase half-way and (b) they have enough curses on them already and (c) the Jets will never make a Super Bowl anyway so it would be impossible to tell if the curse worked.

Michael Kay Doesn’t Care About You But Was Right About Something

Michael Kay, who has no problem with the Evil Money Grubbing Football Giants From New Jersey and their PSL plan, did make a great point the other day about MLB.

MLB blew it.

The first opponent at Yankee Stadium One was the Boston Red Sox.

Now as Yankee Stadium II closes, the Yankees end their season on the road with Boston.

MLB should have played this week’s series AT Boston and had the NYY’s finish at home vs. the Red Sox.

What Kay didn’t factor in is that the Mets schedule would have needed to be tinkered with too – you don’t want both stadiums closing at the same time (although ESPN has a way of solving that) – but it’s nothing insurmountable.

He probably also chose to ignore that by doing it this way guarantees a sellout against Boston on a Thursday afternoon, plus guarantees a sellout against a lesser Orioles team.

Why Is There No Demand for Mets Tickets?

I have Yankees tickets.  All season long I have been selling them.  Made some nice coin.

I have Mets tickets.  You can barely give them away.  I jump on stubhub (don’t get mad at me, visit and they are begging you to post tickets – somebody is getting rich on this) and tickets are going for face.

September 7th vs the Phillies.  Sure the child hating ESPN made it a night game, but it’s still a big game.  You can get a seat for $10.   Ten.

Every day I get emails from the Mets inviting me to get Pennant packs and to Show Up At Shea and whatever else they can think of.  Of course I could go all Mushnick here and mention that they bait-and-switch (Mr. Mets dash – oh psyche we moved the game to 8) – but in theory this is a good team and you’d think people would want to go?

Or are there just 40,000 Mets fans and we all have tickets?