Willie Watch: The Mets Report

Mets Report asks, as do the Mets Police, if not Willie then who (vote over there on the left). One candidate, good ol’ Lee Mazzilli!

Check it out here after you vote:

Willie Watch: Advance Says Bring Back V

Ugh. Bobby V is the king of finishing second. Look it up. Why would we want that. However, the Willie Watch must report on what’s being suggested:

Fans have waited a year-and-a-third for this team to make a move that’s never come. 2007 was a waste. And so far 2008 is heading down the same path.

Omar Minaya… Jeff Wilpon… Fred Wilpon:

Let Willie Randolph go and bring back Bobby Valentine.

The in-your-face V is awfully high on himself, and he’s spent the last five years in baseball exile in Japan because of it. I bet he’d swim to Shea Stadium if offered the gig.

Let him return and conquer like Napoleon.

Check it out: http://blog.silive.com/mets/2008/05/memo_to_mets_bobbyv_can_save_t.html

Will They Show The Dark Knight Trailer?

I love going out to a ballgame and I will pay the cost of a ticket to experience the game live. I also enjoy hanging out at a bar watching a game whee I don’t have to pay for the privelege to watch it and it’s not live in front of me.

What I don’t understand is paying to watch a game that 1) isn’t live in front of you, and 2) is available on TV. I really don’t get this. Why would I want to go to a movie theater, pay $12 to sit and watch a ballgame on a screen with a bunch of strangers all around me – WITH NO BEER.

Oh Joy, Another Special One Of A Kind Subway Series

Gather around children and I will tell you about a time when the World Series was extra special, because it was the only time that teams from each league could ever play each other. Sometimes it was magical when the two teams were from the same city. This event – called a Subway Series – could sometimes be a once in a lifetime experience. Imagine that – a once in a lifetime experience!

But then the Lords of Baseball led by their Owner-Commisioner realized that they weren’t making quite enough money on regular season games. Sure they could raise ticket prices (and they did) but what else could they do. Well, considering that tradition meant nothing to them they decided to throw away the specialness of the World Series. Never again would a Subway Series be extra special – now we woudl be lucky enought to have it TWICE each year. And of course the owners realize how lucky we are by charging more for these tickets than other games.

But wait, there’s more. In addition to not one, but two Subway Series ach year, we the fans also get exciting games like Kansas City at Florida, or Oakland at Atlanta. You know the tickets are surely flying for those games.

Wagner Restarts The Willie Watch

Wagner went ape after the game…and he’s right….

Wagner looked over toward the area of first baseman Carlos Delgado’s locker and blurted: “Someone tell me why the (expletive) you’re talking to the closer. I didn’t even play. They’re over there, not being interviewed. … I got it. They’re gone. (Expletive) shocker.”
And nj.com adds

Wagner was asked if his comments were directed toward the team’s Latin players. Former catcher Paul Lo Duca expressed such a sentiment last year when he felt inundated by the media after games.
“I think it’s just certain guys,” Wagner said. “I don’t think it’s Latin, white or black. I don’t think it’s a color thing. I think some guys need to stand there and take the bad with the good.”

Except for Carlos Delgado, who bolted early, all of the team’s Latin players who participated in the game talked. Even a player who didn’t play, Moises Alou, spoke out regarding the Mets’ need to play better.

Might be time for the Willie Watch to restart – after all the team didn’t look to intense against those Nats.