The Jets Are Not Only Losers but Evil Too

Well, bend over, the Jets have announced they too will be stealing money from you for nothing, in the form of PSL’s.

Woody Johnson has the gall to say this: 

We understand the feeling of the fans. I think what we’re going to do is listen to the fans’ response from the questionnaires we sent out and we’re going to try to incorporate as many of those ideas into the way we package this PSL program to make it as fan-friendly as we can, recognizing the nature of our fans and how long they’ve been fans and where they sit.

See, it will be a fan friendly multi-thousand dollar check you will get to write.


Yankees: The Ed Randall Experiment Needs To End. Now.

I don’t know what caused the Yankees to have Ed Randall do the PA announcer job this weekend, but if you heard any of it, it needs to stop.  Now.

Maybe Jim Hall has a cold or he’s on vacation. 

If you heard even a second of Ed Randall, he’s totally wrong for the Stadium.   If that’s what they want, then they might as well and go ahead and put names on the back and wear red jerseys on Sundays.

I’m sure Mr. Randall is a nice man, but he’s wrong for this job.

Get Hall (or Shep) back in there, now.

Who Should The Mets Have At An Old-Timers Day?

Some day, the Mets will grant my wish to be named Director of Franchise Integrity, and when they do I will return Old-Timers Day to Citi Field.  (Or Shea if they hire me soon).

Who should be invited?

Top of mind:  All 69, 73, 86, 88 and 00 Mets, John Stearns and Joel Youngblood.

Let’s hear some suggestions!

Willie Watch!

We’ve kinda missed the Willie Watch since the Mets started winning games.

Willie showed up at Yankee Stadium today, where he belongs (being a former captain and all).

Lots more from Willie here.

In other news the Mets have added some more Irish-ness to their roster with Dan Murphy making his debut tonight.   Hopefully he’s a Hall of Famer so they can sell some more green Mets hats.

The Favre Solution

Invite him to training camp. 

Let him be the #3 QB and sit there and rot until he gives up and retires.

Let his streak snap Week 1 when he’s the #3 QB.   Don’t even put him in for one snap.

That was easy wasn’t it?