K-Rod’s Contract Not Guaranteed

By Media Goon

The Mets Placed K ROD on the disqualified list while he can not play. This means they do not have to pay him until he is able to play again.

The Official Announcement from the Mets is as follows:

The Mets today announced that they have placed pitcher Francisco Rodriguez on the Disqualified List for conduct in violation of his Uniform Player’s Contract. In addition, the Mets notified the player, his agent, and the MLB Players Association that it has exercised its right to convert Rodriguez’s contract with the club to a non-guaranteed contract.

The Mets’ decision follows the season-ending injury to the thumb on Rodriguez’s right pitching hand as a result of an altercation following last Wednesday night’s game at Citi Field.

Rodriguez will not be paid or accrue major-league service time while on the Disqualified List.

Dr. Andrew Weiland of the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan this afternoon performed successful surgery to repair the torn ligament in Rodriguez’s thumb this afternoon.


From Joel Sherman on Twitter:

Union head Mike Weiner on K-Rod: The #Mets actions are without basis and I expect the union will challenge them right away

K-Rod May Have Been Arrested After Game for Assault

By:Media Goon

K-Rod May  have been arrested tonight after game.

This is what SNY is reporting. Frankie Rodriguez got mad at reporters and told them to get out of his way after the game when they wanted to ask him questions.

K-Rod was supposedly in an altercation with his father-in-law, who was taken away in ambulance after the game.K-Rod had to be escorted out of the family lounge at Citi Field. Rodriquez was questioned by police about the incident.

They are reporting two different things.One is that he is just in custody. And, Two that he might have been arrested.

I don’t have all the details and I won’t speculate anything that happened. This is just a crazy situation. It just seems like this season is spiraling more and more out of control.

* NEWSDAY is reporting that Rodriguez is going to be charged with third degree assault*

And this is from ESPN NEW YORK

Injoy the Floating Feeling Part 2

By: Media Goon

So after a day of gooning around, I arrived home to find a package from the NY METS. That’s odd I thought to myself. I opened it and guess what. Its the floating ball present I already received earlier in the year for being a ticket plan holder.

This has to be a mistake right? Anyone else get an extra one from the Mets?

There is one other thing of note to mention. The instructions were not in broken english this time. I miss Injoy the Floating Feeling. I think all of us fans are missing being able to Injoy the Floating Feeling this second half of the season.

Also since Shannon is busy this week and I am watching the store and you guys have any times sensitive breaking news, you can E-Mail me at [email protected]. Other wise just keep sending everything else to Shannon.