Mets Insult All Spanish Speaking People Of The World

Hola Amigos!   Si, I am speaking to you in your language, because I know it will make you love my blog more con mucho gusto!

Insulted yet?  You should be.

The Mets once again insulted all Spanish speaking people of the world by adding a tiny little “Los” to their uniform.

See they aren’t the Gringo Mets, they are Los Mets.   They are just like you.   See, it says “Los” on the jersey.

Now maybe you were a Met fan already or maybe 45 years into this franchise you decided you don’t like them – but now they are the team of La Raza.  Los Mets care about you, can’t you tell from the tiny little letters?

There is a rumor that on Sunday that there will be a tiny little “The” on the jerseys.   After all, it doesn’t make sense to say “Los Mets” one day and not “The Mets” another now does it?

Dopey Yankees Contest

So I get official emails from MLB and now there’s one where you can win a chance to pull the “Yankees Countdown Lever” and one of the ten final games.

That’s kind of cool but is that really what a fan would want for games ten through one?

Maybe you could have someone from the Rizutto family, Nettles, Yogi, a Mantle, a DiMaggio, a Gehrig, a Ruth or the Captain?   I guess you could have a fan do game #6 but is that what you want.

Please welcome Joey from Staten Island!   I know I’d boo his ass.

I’ve heard from Mets fans who want to win the contest and then whip off their shirt to show a Seaver jersey underneath.  Wouldn’t that be great.

Stop The PSL’s Rally Tomorrow!

Please check out PSL Rally!

On your way to see the Same Old Jets take on the Evil Money Grubbing Giants, do YOURSELF a favor and join the rally.

I hestitate to break the Bloggers Code, but I’m sure these guys are more interested in getting the info out than getting hits, so if you are too lazy to click the link here’s much of the info.

When? – Saturday, August 23rd, 4:00 PM, the night of the Giants / Jets Preseason Game.  The Rally will start at 4:00 PM and run until the last speaker has been heard.
Where? – The New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority is allowing us to use the East Grandstand Apron Parking Lot, between the Racetrack and the New Stadium.  Parking Lot Section 6 is the closest area for access to the rally.  Please refer to the attached link for reference in finding the rally location:  The rally location is the area between Parking Lot Sections 2 & 6 as shown on the map.
Why? – This Rally is being held to give the loyal fans of both the Jets and Giants a forum to discuss the PSL Policy that is being implemented by both teams to help them pay for the construction of their new stadium.
Would You Like To Speak at the Rally?  – We would like to have as many fans speak as possible limiting each speaker to a maximum of 5 minutes.  This is your chance to be heard.  Please email me at [email protected] to add your name to the Speakers List.  We plan on videotaping each speech.  We will be putting together a DVD that will be sent to the Owners of each team.
Alternatives – We know that the fans of the Giants and Jets are some of the most intelligent and creative people in the world.  We welcome your thoughts on suggestions for Alternatives to the Personal Seat License Policy.  This could be anything from Ways to Change the Policy to Ways to Make the Policy More Acceptable and everything in between.  Please email me all your suggestions to [email protected].  We will be putting together a compilation of all reasonable Alternatives and sending this to the Owners of each team.
The following are some of the Alternatives that we have come up with so far:
Personal Seat Licenses on Only the Best Seats – The Cowboys are charging up to $150,000 per PSL for the best seats in their new stadium.  If the PSL costs for the new Giants / Jets Stadium were increased to $100,000 on the Coaches Club seats, leaving the Field One Section PSL at $20,000, and increasing the PSL cost on the 7,085 Mezzanine Club A & B seats to $20,000, the amount of revenue generated from the PSL sales would be $391,420,000.  This is more than the amount of revenue the current plan would generate.  This would mean that PSLs would apply to only 11,247 of the 78,448 seats or 14%.  There would be no need for any other PSLs.  Please note that the cost of the Coaches Club seats are $700 per ticket per game and the cost for Mezzanine Club A & B seats are $500 & $400 per ticket per game, which is beyond the financial reach of most average fans.
Five Year Ticket and Parking Price Freeze – We would propose that both teams commit to the Season Ticket Holders that the prices for Game Tickets and Stadium Parking will not be raised for the first 5 Years that the New Stadium is operational.  This would give the Season Ticket Holders price certainty for this period of time.
Right to Advance Purchase Tickets to Other Stadium Events – We would propose that all PSL Holders be offered the opportunity to purchase tickets for all other events that are to be held at the New Stadium one day prior to the general public.
Make the Purchase of Preseason Tickets and Preseason Parking Passes Optional – Currently, season ticket holders of both teams are required to purchase tickets and parking passes to both preseason games as part of their season ticket package.  Before 1997, the Jets made the purchase of these tickets optional, as it was not a requirement.  Change the policy back to the optional plan.  The tickets and parking passes to the preseason games would then be made available to be purchased by other fans at face value.
Personal Seat License Fees to be Tax Deductible – The Giants have stated that half of the PSL Fees will be paid as Taxes.  We would be asking that both teams speak to Governor Corzine of New Jersey about making the initial Personal Seat License Fees deductible on our State Income Tax Return.  The State has not had to pay any money for the stadium and they stand to makes millions in taxes once the stadium is opened.  This plan may be agreeable to the lawmakers in Trenton.  Income taxes would apply on the future sale of the PSL as this sale would be considered as income for the current PSL holder.
Allow Food and Drinks to be Brought Into the New Stadium – Currently fans are not allowed to bring in Coolers, Thermoses, Back Packs or Large Bags for Food.  This policy was put in place for security reasons after the 9/11 Tragedy.  With the security personnel checking every bag that comes into the Stadium, these risks have been minimized.  Allow small coolers that can be opened and inspected.  Allow plastic thermoses.  Allow clear plastic bags that can carry food.  This will allow fans to avoid the high cost of these items at the concession stands.
Feed Back – If you are unable to attend the PSL Rally and you would like to be heard, feel free to email us with your Feed Back to [email protected].  You can also send us video feedback to the same email location.  These videos will be added to the DVD of rally speakers.  We will be putting together a compilation of all Feed Back that will be sent to the Owners of each team.
Questions? – Please feel free to forward all questions to PSL Rally organizer, Steve Kern, at [email protected]. 
Media Links Mentioning the PSL Rally:
If anyone would like to express their opinions, provide Jets stories or ideas for the PSL, or give any message you would like the NY Jets management to hear and you can not make the 8/23 date or can not send in a video reply, you will have your chance.  Contact Dave Levy at [email protected]  as Dave will be conducting interviews at EVERY NY Jets home game this season to get season ticket holders to speak their mind.  Dave will be going through the parking lot to get fan stories and opinions.  This is your chance to be heard and seen!  So contact Dave at [email protected] if you can not make or speak on 8/23!!!

ESPN Hates Children

Hey you know how your kid was looking forward to the Mr. Mets dash on September 7th?  Well ESPN moved the game to 8:05.  Sunday night.

Hey you know how your son wanted to see the last game at Yankee Stadium?   ESPN moved it to 8:05.

Thanks ESPN.

Willie Watch: Girardi’s Job

Yankee fans need to stop looking up at the Rays and Boston. You are starting Carl Pavano tomorrow. It’s over. Jeter got old, Torre left town and you’re moving across the street.

You need to look over your shoulder. Yeah, that’s Toronto. How did they get there?

The BJ’s are one game behind you.

Say the NYYs finish FOURTH. Is Joe Girardi coming back? George might be in bad shape but he ain’t dead.

Girardi’s going to finish fourth (with George reading the Tampa Whateverpaper celbrating the Rays division title) and Girardi’s going to return? Is this really the Yankees?

Girardi gets to finish fourth while the Mets go to the playoffs? No way.

So if not Girardi then who. One name that often comes up is Bobby Valentine. Former Mets manager. Great choice if you enjoy finishing second.

Mattingly has a job with Joe Torre.

What ex-big league manager is out there who has experience managing in NYC and is a former Yankee captain. That’s right, Willie.

Good idea? No way. Just look at the 2007 and 2008 Mets.

Possible? Oh yeah. I can picture the back page of the Post now.

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