Live From Springsteen

No I will not be blogging all night but i do want to report the umbrella threat. No umbrellas allowed in Giants Stadium. As you know, umbrellas are commonly used by the terrorists.

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Do You Want Manny Ramirez?

He would make the team better.

He would make for a fun dugout with Pedro, Manny and probably Reyes clowning around.

They would sell more tickets.

All that being said, I don’t want to root for the 2004 Red Sox.

No thanks.

What do you think?

A Complete Game!

Wow. An actual pitcher pitched nine innings! Unbelievable.

This Jerry Manuel clearly either:

a) made a deal with the devil


b) is a much better manager than Willie the Captain of the Yankees.

Two of three. First place. Big series (again) this week. Fun!

Citi Field Ticket Prices Information!!! Bad News (Surprise)

I missed this during the week, and didn’t catch in the papers or the blogs, but great job out of Crain’s with these nuggets:

We are told that:

More than half of the 42,000 seats will be $50 or less.   That sounds good until you wonder about all the $49 tickets.

Loge seats that were $82 in 2008 are now $175.   My calculator broke on that one, call Mushnick.

Seats behind home plate in the “Ebbets Club” will be $200.

Ebbets Club???!!!! For the millionth time Fred, YOU DON’T OWN THE DODGERS.   I hate the Dodger obsession, it drives me bananas.

There will sometimes be $12 tickets, on “select dates.”   From experience, “Select dates” means Wednesday in April against Washington.

Read This And Weep

Read This And Cry

Could The Mets Somehow Pry Manny Ramirez From Boston?

Summery Saturday and I have nothing to write about so I’ll throw it out there.

The word from Boston (heard Sterling mention, then looked it up on is that The Sox have had it with Manny Ramirez.

The Mets kind of have nobody in the outfield.  

Manny, while older, is going to the Hall of Fame.

Now adding Manny Ramirez to the Mets falls in line with everything I hate (Red Sox on the Mets, I’d rather lose with my own players than win with yours, plus he pushes executives to the ground), so I’m not saying I want Manny Ramirez, my question is – could the Mets somehow pry Manny from Boston?