Rays Still Clinch Playoff Spot

36,000 plus in Tampa last night.  Rays up 3.5

They started some bum pitcher named Kazmir who had nothing.   The Rays would be smart to trade him to an unsuspecting general manager (say Omar Minaya) for a crappy starter who will be out of baseball in two years.  The Mets have one of those who wears #45.  

The Rays couldn’t be that dumb could they?  I mean who would trade Scott Kazmir for a useless pitcher?

Rays, well done, enjoy your day off.  Enjoy your holiday weekend with KC, and I’ll check in with you Tuesday night for the Kazmir-Ponson matchup in the Bronx.

Guys Named Pedro Are Lousy Pitchers

One of the Mets starters is 2-2 with a 7.39 ERA.  He is unable to get to the sixth inning.   He has won 9 games in two years.   He is not who The Mets think he is, and should never have been signed.  (He’s a Red Sock, it was just as silly as when they signed Tom “Cylon” Glavine).

Meanwhile another Pedro blew a potential comeback victory.

The rest of the blogosphere is welcome to start blogging about Pedro Martinez being done whenever you’re ready.  We’re here waiting for you.


Partnering with a pudding maker is “typical of the Mets,” said Kevin McGinn, a 43-year-old Yankees fan from Staten Island, speaking at Shea last week. He compared the soft dessert to the way that Omar Minaya, the general manager of the Mets, fired Willie Randolph abruptly last month. “Spineless, wishy-washy,” Mr. McGinn said.


I can’t add anything that Kevin Mcginn did not say.

Sonics to Seattle: Fans Wait 50 Years For Owner Named Fred

I feel bad for fans of the Seattle Sonics.   (For you non NBA fans, the Sonics are moving to Oklahoma.  No really, Oklahoma.)  

The good news is 50 years from now you will have a new team and an owner named Fred.  Fred will do everything he can to pretend that the Seattle Starbucks are really the Sonics.  He will even build you a new arena that will resemble wherever it is the Sonics used to play.  

The bad news is that if you try to open a bar called The Seattle Sonic, it’s likely that some lawyers will pick on you.

I can’t wait to hear what they call this Oklahoma team (the name and colors stay in Seattle).   It’s 2008 and it’s all about marketing so I’m going to guess something absurd like Oklahoma Black Owls.

Idea for SNY: Whatever Happened To The Rain Delay Films?

Back in the 70s and 80s Channel 9 used to show awesome rain delay films.

These were like video yearbooks of full seasons.  I’m making up the particulars but in concept you would have Lindsey Nelson narrating over clips with that fake crack of the bat sound effect:  ‘The 1977 season got off to any exciting start when Joel Youngblood homered on opening day!’

Then there would be a quick cut to the sign man who’d magically have thought to bring a “Blood And Guts” sign with him.

These were great.   I think they stopped showing them when Channel 9 got obsessed with Morton Downey Jr.

Then the Mets, in their Mets way, signed a 20 year deal with Sportschannel so their fans in Queens couldn’t see games.  (Queens wasn’t wired for cable until 1987 kiddies – so yes Virginia we missed half the 1986 season).  

Then of course Sportschannel stuck us with Fran Healy and it was all downhill from there until SNY showed up.

How about it SNY – find the films, or make some new ones!  Enough with showing me Todd Pratt games, I want some John Milner.