Uni Watch On Blue Uniforms

I hate doing this because it’s an absolute lift from uniwatch, but I could never say it better.   Total props to uni watch, and please go visit uni watch.
Lots of stained sheets at Mets fans’ homes on Friday, as the Amazin’s wore blue caps, sleeves, and socks on the road for the first time in a decade, and holy shit did it look awesome. Equipment manager Charlie Samuels (aka “The guy who’s to blame for the few remaining things in this world that aren’t George Bush’s fault”) decided to trot out the blue gear to commemorate the team’s final appearance at Yankee Stadium. But here’s the thing: If you’re going to look good for a special occasion, why not look good for every occasion? Blue Mets = true Mets!
Again that’s http://www.uniwatchblog.com/.  Sorry for the borrow, but this uniform thing is important!

We’re #2!

I still heart Jerry. The man says what's on his mind and doesn't think about 'the media' at all. It's so refreshing.

So Jerry announces that the Mets are the #2 team around these parts.

Whew. That wasn't so bad was it. I feel like we've come out of the sports closet.

The Red Sox changed their mentality to stop worrying about last century. The Yankees won that one, and there's nothing you can do about it. So far things are looking up in Boston.

In Flushing, the Mets have won as many 21st century championships as the NYY's. Zero. Sure they have a few pennants but they have won squiddly since the new century dawned.

However, the Mets will always be the #2 team. They would ned to run off 24 championships to catch-up by 2033.

They have never had a hall of famer play and stay for an entire career.

The Mets are Calvin Schiraldi away from being as cursed as Boston was. They wear dopey uniform combinations (like hybrid hats with home pinstripes) and you can't take them seriously.

There's a lot to be admired in the Bronx. Accept it and move on.

Jerry also should send letters to the Jets, Islanders and Nets. The Devils have won multiple cups and have arguably the best goalie ever and still nobody cares.

I didn't realize the Mets were allowed to play the Cardinals. I thought they only played teams in the pacific time zone. Do they get to play the Cubs? Oops I looked at the schedule – Giants (formerly of New York, Fred) and the Mets endless rival the Rockies. What's with all the Rockies this year.

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Rays: Best Record In Baseball

A sunny day in Tampa for sure. June 30th and the best record in baseball. Scott Shields goes tonight to put some distance between the Rays and the world champs

Time for you folks in St. Pete to start showing up.

Time for the Rays to get hot and put this division away. Sweep those bosox and then get ready to beat up on Ponson and probably Chacon next week.


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Series Of The Week: Rays-Bosox

There’s something about the Rays.   It would be really neat if this team could go from being the biggest embarassment in the history of sports to the champions (unless of course the Mets find themselves at the end).

It’s amazin’ what some nice uniforms and some home grown talent can do for a team.  It’s the end of June and The Rays are in a battle for first.   Amazin’

Red Sox-Rays tonight.  I’m there.

Split. Yawn. .500 Yawn

Mets won a game.  I guess that’s good.  Win one, lose two, win two, lose one.   Very tedious.