Wild Speculation On Mets 2009 Colors

I got the MLB Christmas catalog yesterday and noticed that there are quite a few Mets items with a very dark blue, almost a Casey-era blue.   These aren’t random oddball caps or things labeled “Cooperstown Collection” – they’re right there with all the normal items from the other teams.

I’ve looked around the internet and I can’t find any images, and none of this dark-blue stuff appears on mlb.com, and I’m too lazy to hook up the scanner right now.

At the end of the season there had been a rumor of some darkening of the blue that would make the orange pop – we talked about it here off a mention by Mets By The Numbers.

Anyway what I saw in the catalog matched the rumor from October 8th, which was denied the next day.   Let’s hope it was accurate.


Cool Steroids Play Opens Tonight

Back Back Back opens tonight at the Manhattan Theater Club.

The play is a fictionalized inquiry into the strange saga of former Oakland A’s teammates Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco. The daring and talented playwright tosses in a third teammate, the lesser known shortstop Walt Weiss, as a pretty good device to get some of his own points across.

Read more here.

Don’t forget that nobody knew these guys were on steroids.  You couldn’t tell.  Also Sammy Sosa of the Cubs got a ticker-tape parade in New York City for hitting the second most home runs ever.  Disgrace.

Vote No On Pedro (and yes on Andy)

Pedro Martinez wants to pitch another year.   He’d like to do it in Flushing.   Omar should say no.
The problem with Pedro is that he doesn’t eat innings.  
It’s OK to have a back-end starter who goes something like 10-15 as long as the guy chews up 6+.   The old adage is that no matter what you do you will win 60 and lose 60.   The Pedro days last season really chewed the awful bullpen.
Andy Pettitte wants more money than the Yankees want to give him.   Andy made 33 games last year and pitched 204 innings.   While he wasn’t the Andy of old, that does average to over 6 innings per start.   Sure his arm is about to fall off (as if Pedro’s isn’t) and sure $16 million is a lot of money, but as I’ve said in recent posts, this is all TV programming for SNY in a new ballpark.  
This is not the season for the Mets to act like they are the Marlins.  Spend the money.   You’re going to make the fans give it to you anyway.

Big Baseball Weekend April 3 & 4

The Mets will open Citi Field against the Red Sox April 3 and 4.   That’s fun….and the Mets will get some extra money out of us, and it makes it less hideous that the home opener is a Monday night (awful Mets, awful awful awful).

So we can look forward to……oh wait….as always the Mets don’t get it right.   Guess who else opens a stadium on….yes you guessed it, April 3 & 4.   That’s right, the Yankees will play the Cubs those same days.

Why show off your new stadium when you can be swallowed by all the attention on the New New Yankee Stadium.

I think the Mets may actually have the better ballpark this time, but Yankee will get the attention just off the name.

Hopefully one of the teams will blink, or at least the teams hopefully won’t both play at the same time.  I’m sure there are lots of us who’d like to go to both.

If you’re here you are a Mets fan….anyone out there tempted to be at the opening of Yankee and wait on Citi Field until day two?  

Oh No, Why K-Rod Can’t Come To Flushing

Anyone remember how much Franco was despised…(don’t believe the revisionist history)….yeah he’d save the game after walking two guys and getting a double play.   Well, I’m trying to write ahead this week so I can travel – and I saw this in the Sunday Post.

K-Rod did set the season record with 62 saves in 2008. But one Mets official had this insight: “When it comes to statistics, we are not basing this decision on save totals; at least not save totals alone.” The Mets will honor, among other items, strikeout-to-walk ratio and on-base percentage against.

And I came across this stat just out of curiosity: Rodriguez registered 1-2-3 frames in a career-low 29.2 percent of his innings (all figures courtesy of Elias). That ranked 151st out of 253 pitchers who worked at least 60 innings in 2008. Fuentes (41.3) was 13th, Wood (38.1) was 28th, Street (38.0), even with diminished stuff, was 29th, and another free agent, Brandon Lyon (37.7) was 31st.

Can you imagine K-Rod getting “all that money” (and I don’t care about money this year, the Mets have it) and then putting someone on base 70% of the time.  He’d be the new Doug Sisk.  Bummer, I was hoping they got him but then again I’m just a pop-off blogger and not a full-time GM.