So Who Should Be The Field Of Dreams Team At Yankee Stadium?

When stadiums close there is an often a ceremony where the greatest living (and retired) players take their positions one last time.

Who do you think should take the field at the Yankee game on Sunday?

One man’s list:

C: Yogi
1B: Donnie Baseball has a game so call Tino. Sorry Pepitone.
2B: Please welcome back our old friend Willie Randolph
SS: Too bad Scooter didn’t make it. Bucky Dent.
3B: Nettles
LF: They ain’t gonna invite Winfield so it’s um……..
CF: Well unless Joe D or Mantke have a’s Bernie
RF: Paulie O should be in the Hall but it will be Reggie
P: Whitey Ford. Check the nickname. Plus we can’t have everyone out there from 1977.

Feel encouraged to complain about this list and remind me of 98 year old guys I forgot.

So Who Should Be The Field Of Dreams Team At Shea?

When Stadium close they usually break out the greatest living retired players and have them stand in their old positions.

Who should be there at Shea?

C – Carter even though they will go with that guy from the Dodgers.
1B – If you don’t know the answer please visit another site
2B – um…….Alfonzo?
SS – Buddy I guess. It would be nice to see Buddy back.
3B – It would be nice to see Ray Knight even though he had a short stay. Hojo not awful.
LF – Please welcome back our old friend um……
CF – Lee Mazzilli! (Mookie?)
RF – Straw
P – The Former Franchise From The Winery

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>Obligatory Suicidal Post aka "Same Old Mets"

>When I started the blog they gave me a manual that says I have to write posts when the Mets have annoying frustrating pennant race choke type losses.

Is “Same Old Mets” a phrase yet?

I am not hitting the panic button yet.

They will make the playoffs this time.  Willie is gone.  Jerry will get us there.  Some idiots from the bullpen will break our hearts in games 1, 2 and 5 of the NLDS, but Jerry will get us there.

>Is Joe Torre A Hall of Famer?

>Joe should be in the Hall.  He was a pretty good player, plus the whole Yankee thing….

Dick Allen, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, Tony Oliva, Al Oliver, Vada Pinson, Ron Santo, Luis Tiant, Joe Torre and Maury Wills will be considered for election by the Veterans Committee for enshrinement in 2009, with votes to be cast by Hall of Fame members this fall. Any candidate to receive 75 percent of the vote among all ballots cast will earn election to the Hall of Fame and will be enshrined on July 26, 2009. There are 64 living Hall of Famers.

>What The $^@! Is With The Cameras At Nationals Field

>I can understand them placing the pressbox on the moon, but why are the cameras so high.  I feel like I am watching the game from a helicopter.  Every ball to the outfield looks like it’s over someone’s head.