That’s One!

I want all four.

Tonight you have Four Inning Pedro vs Ooh La La Ponson.  Note to Jerry – start warming someone up while you guys bat in the fourth.

Wish they had wasted more of the Yankees bullpen and less of ours.

They should tell Delgado he’s DHing tonight and when he asks if he’s up just say “not yet.”

I better not hear a big ovation for Carlos tonight. Don’t be hyprocrites. Everyone wanted him released all week. Not me, because somebody has to play first.

Are my eyes getting bad or were those BLUE HATS WITH THE TRADITIONAL ROAD UNIFORM???!!!!

And yes Virginia, the football Giants are money grubbing meanies.

The Football Giants Are Money Grubbing Meanies

Hey Giants fans, 

Great news!  The Giants are giving you the right to give them up to $20,000 for the rights to pay them to buy tickets.  It’s called a Personal Seat License, and it gives you the right to give them money for no reason.

You don’t have to if you don’t want to.  They have 40 years of fans waiting if you don’t want them.

The Mets Police know one family who has had tickets since the 1950’s – you know, back when there was still a baseball Giants – and along the way they’ve always kept their tickets.  Even when the team sucked.  Even when the team didn’t sell out in new Haven.

This same family has gone oh-for-4 on Super Bowls.  There’s a faux-lottery every time the Giants go to the Super Bowl, but a family with half a century seniority never gets tickets. 

Some math on that – there were 11,000 tickets available for the recent Supe.   At Yale the season ticket base dropped to around  25,000.   There have been four Super Bowls.  That’s say 44,000 tickets that were available for the four Supes.  25,000/44,000.  Hmmm. Very fishy.

But I digress.

You can imagine that with 50 years of continuous ticket buying that this family has pretty good seats.   They do.  I’ve sat there myself, oh like twice – because they actually use them.  That’s right, actual Giants fans, who pay for tickets for 50 years, and actually use them not scalp them or use them to impress their Wall Street buddies.   A father and some sons.  Now just some sons.

What do they get for 50 years of rooting?  No Super Bowls and probably an invoice for $40,000 for their two seats.

Thanks Giants.

Lets Go Spain

I hope everyone jumped on the Bandwagon De Espana like I asked. We’re going to the finals. Woooooooooooooooo! Get the picture in picture ready for the weekend, there’s also an interesting baseball game.

Today’s Crap From The MLB Store

I’m on the mailing list. Today they want us to buy shorts or bathing suits or something. I will say something though, at least it’s blue and orange.

Ponson and Geise: Sweep’d Be Nice

So I’m focused now on these ‘Yankees’ that the Mets face this week.

Seems that they are the former 1901 Orioles and also play in New York. They won a few chamionships last century which sort of makes them the Portugal of international exploration.

They are led by a left fielder named Christian who is hitting .400. Their rotation stalwarts are guys named Geise, Ponson and Rasner. They have a manager who has been there much longer than Jerry, so that could be an edge. They have an “overrated” shortstop who will finish his career with about 3800 hits.

Seems like tomorrow is very sweepable.

Also looking ahead to tomorrow’s papers:

– blah blah two stadiums article

– blah blah had to attend both games blah blah traffic blah blah parking could be tough!

– blah blah history of the series

– blah blah clemens piazza

– blah blah manager comparison article

Boring. Interleague play stopped being interesting when….well it never was. Give me a mayor’s trophy game any day.