Does Matt Harvey Start for the All Time Over Hyped Mets Team?

Now that the Matt Harvey era is behind us, it’s time to evaluate The Dark Knight’s career with the Mets and where he fits in with other way over-hyped players.

If we were to put together a team, would Matt start? Would he even make the starting rotation?  Putting together this team I had one rule: the player either had to start his major league career with the Mets, or he had to have been a top prospect in the Mets organization that never really made it anywhere (cups of coffee are ok).

First Base – Ike Davis

Upside down catches, cowboy hats, and Valley Fever

Second Base – Gregg Jefferies

Jeffries was supposed to lead Dynasty 2.0 (not that 1.0 ever really got off the ground)

Shortstop – Kaz Matsui

This guy from Japan is so good, we’re going to move the best shortstop the franchise ever had over to second for him…..

Third Base – Ty Wigginton

OK, admittedly this one was a stretch.  I could not find an over-hyped third baseman.  (The closest was Jim Fregosi but that violates the primary rule)

Catcher – Travis d’Arnaud

This one was tough as I like Travis.  But when you are traded for a Cy Young winner (twice in his case) and are billed as the answer to all catching issues, if you don’t perform – injuries or not – you have been over-hyped


Lee Mazzilli

Shannon will kill me on this one, but if you were around in the late 70’s you have got to remember how much Lee was publicized as the new face of the Mets. Was it really justified? No – but the team had nothing else.  So over-hyped yes – but understandably so

Lastings Milledge

When you’ve got your own bobblehead before you make it to the majors, you better perform.  He’s remembered for hive-fiving the fans (which I loved BTW)

Shawn Abner

Strawberry, Gooden, and Abner!  Um who?  He was supposed to be the next top draft choice to change the Mets

Starting Pitchers:

Bill Pulsipher & Paul Wilson

Two-thirds of Generation K.  Isringhausen actually had a good career so he is spared

Tim Leary

The first next Seaver.  Leary had wicked stuff in the minors.  April 12, 1981 on a 46 degree day in Chicago he pitched just 2 innings and was done.

Scott Kazmir

He has carved out an ok career, but at the start he was supposed to be the future ace

Matt Harvey

And so yes, TDK makes at least this starting rotation.

(BTW can we dispense with “The Dark Knight” moniker now?  In the end he was more of a Tan Squire than a Dark Knight)


Jeff Torborg

Coming off 2 winning seasons in Chicago, Torborg was brought in to manage the 92 Mets back to contention. The less said about that team the better.

So that’s it.  I didn’t do a bullpen because who cares about that.  Are there some guys left off?  Yeah – Jason Tyner, Billy Beane to name 2. You could even make a case that Matz belongs on the list. Is there anyone you’d start over these guys? Let me know on Facebook



Fun night watching Harvey at Citi Field


I gotta admit I was starting to believe the perfecto was going to happen or I wouldn’t have taken this picture. I also texted home to get Junior in front of a TV (a message I learned this morning was never delivered by Mommy.)

There were hints of 1985 Gooden in the crowd. That’s no small praise from me. Harvey isn’t Frank Viola or R.A. Dickey throwing a good one. He just looked Better last night.

At times when I watched that big powerful delivery I even thought of – dare I say it – no I don’t dare, but he was on the 1983 Mets.

It’s hard to truly be 1983 Gooden in a stadium filled with “23,000” people in the park (most must have never gotten off the Shake Shack line). The place was empty man.

I have no become accustomed to having my own personal row. And it’s not like I have bad seats. But I always have the row to myself. Last night there was a lone interloper who dates sit 5 seats away from me!

Jokes aside, if that’s the best they can do on a warm night with Harvey on the mound then the Mets really have chased off the fanbase.

The scoreboard stupidity (and its social media cousin) seems to have stopped. There weren’t any silly nicknames to be seen – and the Mets are now posting tweets from fans on the board between innings. I’ve seen that done in other parks and I think it works really well.

As you look out the window and see rain please remember the White Sox never come back to Queens. They will play.