I think the Mets can do better with early rainouts

This image bothered me all night.


I wasn’t around yesterday but I believe the Mets called the game around noon. I got the press release time stamped at 12:21pm.

The forecast was awful.

Were the Mets sitting around thinking “maybe we’ll get this one in?”

I believe the gates never opened (the photo is time stamped after 11:30) so clearly by 11 they were thinking it was doubtful they would play.

It was Tom Seaver Bobblehead Day. You know, Seaver, The Franchise. People like him. So they came out and stood in the rain.

Why not rain this game out early? Why make people schlep to Queens? Why not open the gates if you think there’s a chance of playing – and if you don’t think there’s a chance of playing then just declare it.

They had the scheduling solution, the one they are using, and it’s not like there was a “window” coming.

Bad job by the Mets. Someone owes everyone in that photo an apology.

You can start by giving all of them a ticket to May 5th Seaver Bobblehead Day AND another ticket. Let’s not act like the place is full.

You had the forecast. Bad job.

In case you missed the raincheck info: fans can exchange their tickets for those comparable in price and location — pending availability — to a Mets 2012 home game. That includes today’s Tom Seaver bobblehead promotion presented by Citi, which has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 5 when the Mets host the Arizona Diamondbacks at 4:05 p.m., and the next Mr. Met Dash, where kids 12 and under can run the bases at Citi Field following the game, Sunday, May 6 after the Mets play the Diamondbacks at 1:10 p.m.

Tonight’s Game 1 crowdshots should be epic. Send them if you got them.

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Paul Alfieri
Paul Alfieri

I agree. I drove up from Princeton, was about 10 minutes from Citi Field when we heardit was cancelled. BTW - to exchange tickets, you have to mail them back to Citi Field. I know we all know this, but its 2012. I bought these online. Can't the Mets Ticket Office move into modern times and let us do this online, or even over the phone?


I was on rt 4.  had WFAN on, pulled off for Starbucks when I heard it was canceled.  was a busy drive through line.  receipt says 11:47. 

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