2024 Mets Armed Forces Day Cap PLUS Why I don’t post as much

Uni Watch has details of the Armed Forced Day caps for this year.  Here’s a look at the horribly cluttered Mets design.

By the way, while I have a free moment….


A huge reason is the changes Elon Musk made to twitter.  Posts don’t get the reach they once did.  This also contributed to why I stopped watching games.  I used to hold court on twitter during games and interact with many fans and it was a good community hang.  You don’t see that sort of thing nowadays.  Even people I actively interact with (say @mediagoon) for an example) – I often don’t see their posts unless I actively look for them.

Elon also castrated a lot of the apps you could use to recycle posts.  Maybe you didn’t see my post at 10am but I could auto-set things to recycle on twitter several hours later.   That can still be done, but it’s more of a manual task than it used to be.

Facebook only surfaces your posts to a portion of the people who follow you – even though they follow you they might not see the post, unless you pay to boost it.

Then there is the way people consume media.  In olden times you would go TO a blog.  You might come here, or go TO MetsBlog or TO Uniwatch or TO ESPN New York….but now people don’t really do that.  Everyone’s traffic is down, in all media.

So, that’s why I don’t pos as much.  I used to feed the east up to 7x a day, now I mainly do one, and often just a “cap post” so I don’t miss a day.

I appreciate you reading and I hope you still do read (you are apparently still here if you’re reading this sentence) – but that’s why.  Blame Elon.  There’s no sense in doing 7 posts if nobody is going to see them.