Citi Field gets its Mets memory! Santana no-hitter

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And now it’s a home.

I have respected Santana since he tried to save the 2008 season so I’m glad he’s the one.

What an exciting night!  Lots of us were hanging on twitter and discussed the pitch count.  Yes I wanted to take him out after 7 and yes I feared and still fear putting that much wear on Johan’s shoulder…but that’s tomorrow’s problem.  In a one game universe that was exciting….

…and now we have a Citi Field memory.

@mediagoon was actually at the game so I’ll let him take it from here when he gets home.

Faith will be rewarded.

johan santana no-hitter

Re-airs of Johan’s no-hitter on SNY: Mets fast forward 6-7am, 11am-noon; full game re-air 12pm-3pm and on Monday 7:30-10:30pm #SNY #Mets

Audio of Howie’s call matched with SNY’s video can be found here.

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Steve D
Steve D

It was everything I hoped it would be...thanks Johan...pure guts there.

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