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If you poke at the right hand sidebar you’ll see two new widgets for eBay.  These should make our mutual “You own this Mets jersey” shopping more convenient for all of us.  I also added some more Amazon widgets because there’s a few cool books out there you should read.

Someone is sure to hit me with the “hey man I really like the site but there’s all these ads now…” complaint.  I spend a lot of time on this which is openly a capitalist venture.  My dream is to sit on the deck all day and sun myself, hang out on twitter and write about the Mets.  To do that I need income.  So that’s the price you pay for me nagging the Mets into bringing back Banner Day.

And while we’re talking capitalism, I’d like to thank Amazin Tix for signing up for another month.  If you look over at the sidebar you’ll see they can hook you up with some cool Delta Club Patio action.  Click on the pretty picture or here for more information.

You too could reach over 100,000 sets of eyeballs each month for just $50.  The media kit with real site stats are here and you can reach me at

Thanks also to the other sponsors who I will thank individually in future posts.

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So did you get the right to reject any woefully inaccurate jerseys in the ebay ad?

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