If you're happy the Yankees lost, please support my fundraiser

Two weeks to go until I (somehow) run the 2012 NYC Marathon.  6 months of training (you may have heard me mention I was busy).

Since I’m a dog-lover I thought I’d raise money for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, a nonprofit dedicated to the humane treatment of animals.  Services include pet adoption and rescue, animal assisted therapy, humane education, dog training and pet loss support.  My long runs took me past St. Hubert’s every week and I saw lots of dogs running around on big open grounds, and it can’t be cheap to operate.

The Yankees have nothing to do with this post and it was a cheap shot, but hey I wanted people to read the post.

If you’d like to donate please visit this link.  Seriously even a $1 donation is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey, I was thrilled at how the Yankees lost. It will make the winter a lot happier AND I donated before they lost so them losing was a bonus.

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