Pete Alonso, 1 for 30.

The Athletic wrote a piece about how awesome Pete Alonso is, including a head-scratcher that the Mets consider Pete to be a good hitter.  (WHAT???? Do the Mets not watch the Mets?)

If the Mets actually think Pete is a good hitter then this franchise is doomed into the late 30’s.  They’ll even be done paying Bobby Bonilla by then.

Anyway, the part I liked it is this:

 In the middle of a 1-for-30 slump, he is batting only .205 with eight homers and a .710 OPS.

Everyone knows the millennials stopped doing OPS.  OPS was only a thing when it was used against Daniel Murphy.

LGM Pete.

Drop your browser into “reader” if you need to. Nudge nudge.