The inaugural Mets-Rockies program from Opening Day 1993

From the 1993 opener.  This is my copy of the program I wrote about in my eBook.

mets rockies inaugural program



Dave Magadan of the Marlins wonders how he wound up in this book, but he did. Why the Mets got rid of him I don’t understand.

Meanwhile, don’t you kind of miss this seating chart?


Remember when you could advertise like this?


Jack Lang says Shea is just as awesome as it was in 1964.  Right.


I guess photoshop wasn’t perfected in 1993.  What is going on here???


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Brian M.
Brian M.

Dave Magadan probably also wonders how they managed to flip his picture and print it backwards. I guess the backwards NY on his jacket and the backwards Mets logo over his shoulder weren't enough clues for the proof-readers.

Gary Dunaier
Gary Dunaier

I remember how, even though the programs sold out quickly, they still kept flashing the "Now is a good time to buy your scorecard for today's game" message on the scoreboard. Somewhere in my archives I've got a picture of that message, with the scoreboard clock indicating the time was 12.30pm - and the scorecards were long, long gone by then!


MetsLady, neither do soon as I saw the picture, I thought the same thing.


Love the picture of Gary. I don't even remember Todd Kalas???

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