@mets and Good Humor

MJ went down by SNY and sent us some pics of Mr and Mrs Met and the new Good Humor trucks and pedicabs. They were giving out free ice cream today and you know how Shannon loves his free ice cream, so if you see a blogger running with armfuls of Good Humor bars back to NJ you know who it is.




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Media Goon @mediagoon

Keith "Media Goon" Blacknick is the Mayor of Mets Police and will come to your event and shake hands and kiss babies. He also should log-in and update his own profile bio.

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3 Responses

  1. RealMetman says:

    metspolice Mets free ice cream!! wtf they have to give me a heads up when this is happening..

  2. metspolice says:

    .RealMetman We have to blame you for not reading http://MetsPolice.com every day. The information was there. No ice cream for you.

  3. RealMetman says:

    metspolice I wouldn’t be able to anyway because of work.. but good looing out guys

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