A nice enjoyable 5-2 win last night with my favorite (current) Met on the mound, John Maine.

The Mets are claiming 46,106 attended this game. Try 15,000. I was there. I can’t find any pictures of the empty mezz and uppers, but a friend was there and he had a camera. I’ll try to get a reality check.

Heard around the uppers: people selling parts of their season plans, a discussion of “value” vs “bronze”, escalator theories, and criticism of Willie’s Pagan comments.

2 Replies to “46,106?”

  1. All teams in the major leagues count ticket sales towards attendance, not actual turnstile counts. The AL was doing this for years and then I think about 12-15 yrs ago the NL switched to that process as well.

  2. Yeah, The Mets Police know this. I’m not talking boxscore. I’m talking about WFAN saying “in front of 46,000.” No way.

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