>Pedro Exposed

> The Mets have this wonderful habit of getting stars from other teams. Vince Coleman, Bobby Bonilla, even Tom “Cylon” Glavine. I’m here to expose Pedro.

Pedro draws my wrath for several reasons including not being at Opening Day 2008. Apparently “Pedro being Pedro” has a flexible schedule, and also doesn’t require winning any clutch games.

In 2005, his first season as a Met, Martinez posted a 15-8 record with a 2.82 ERA, 208 strikeouts, and a league-leading 0.95 WHIP. It was his sixth league WHIP title, and the fifth time that he led the Major Leagues in the category. Opponents batted .204 against him. Great! They finished third with a whopping 83 wins! That’s three fewer than the legendary 1976 Mets that you can’t name five players on.

Martinez started the 2006 season at the top of his game. At the end of May, he was 5-1 with a 2.50 ERA. Great! This guy is 20 and 9 as a Met! Awesome right? Let’s take it from here.

Beginning on June 6, Martinez went 4-7 with a 7.10 ERA in a series of spotty starts interrupted twice by stays on the disabled list. The Mets went to the playoffs without him.

2007? The right-hander went 3-1 in five starts with a 2.57 ERA. But his last start was a crucial 3-0 loss to St. Louis in the final week of the 2007 Mets’ historic collapse.

2008? 4 innings.

So since June 6, 2006 this guy is 7 and 5. Whoopdedoo. He’s 27-17 as a Met. He has won 7 more games than Tom Seaver since June 2006. Maine is 22-16. Perez is 17-13.