Omar Is Wrong!

“All of us are disappointed with what happened last season,” Minaya said. “But at some point, you have to move on. And if we’re going to move on, we really need the fans on our side.”

This so offends me. Don’t tell me how to feel!

Omar, we’re on your side. We want to win. We too wanted meaningful games in September, we just thought maybe The Mets could win 8 of 17.

You’ve yet again assembled a team of over the hill outsiders. You have one guy that’s 7-5 since June 2006. An over the hill LFer. You signed Julio Franco to a two year deal last year!

You’ve got a manager who is letting the SS become a knucklehead. Wouldn’t mind if someone like Jeter (yeah I said it) could come across town for a day to teach this kid how to play. Omar, you’re looking at the problem.

Win games, the booing stops. Very simple.