>Shea Ranks 28th in SI Rankings – That High???

> Sports Illustrated today released the results of a study where fans were questioned on different aspects of all 30 MLB stadiums. What a shocker that Shea finished 28th, beating out RFK Stadium (which isn’t even used anymore) and Dolphin Stadium (for baseball it is bad).

Some of the highlights:
  • Affordability – 28th (no shock here)
  • Food – 30th (one fan commented – “You’re kidding, right? This is Shea you’re asking about.”)
  • History & Tradition – 19th (the Royals (1969), Brewers (1969), and Mariners (1977) all finished ahead – I know when I think baseball tradition I think of this

  • Fan Hospitality – 29th (most of the comments here focus on incidents during the Mets-Yankees games)
  • Promotions – 28th
  • Neighborhood – 28th (and guess what, this ain’t gonna change with Corporate Field in 2009)