>Does Willie Pay Any Attention?

>The other day Willie was on WFAN with Mike & the Mad Dog and the were discussing the upcoming weekend series with Arizona. This was Willie’s comment:

“It’s funny becuase we had their number for about a year and a half, leading into the end of last year – actually I think they swept us last time we were there”

Um, Mr. Manager sir – prior to this weekend the Mets – the team you manage – was 15-1 in Phoenix going back to 2005. You would think the manager should know this.

It got worse – Mad Dog tried to point out that no, the Diamondbacks swept the Mets at Shea last year. Willie tried to recover, insisting that Arizona had at least taken 2 of 3 the last time the Mets were there.

Seriously – when your team has dominated another team so decisevely how can you not know this?