The 2000 Mets Mean Nothing

Sure a subway series was cool….but do you really have any emotional attachment to this team?

Now I know you’re saying “Mets Police, you’re crazy. You’re being extra cranky today.”
Well say the Mets have “2000 Mets day” and bring back the following players:
Please welcome back our old friend….Armando Benitez! Mike Hampton! Bobby Jones! The Other Bobby Jones! Mike Bordick! Darryl Hamilton! Rickey Henderson!
Sure there’s a few guys that will get cheers – John “7 batters to get a save” Franco and Mike “Dodgers” Piazza.
Maybe Al Leiter gets a nice hand. Do you really consider Robin Ventura a Met? Did Rey Ordonez endear himself to the franchise?
I think in the scheme of things, this team means nothing.