Mets Fans Blow 4-1 lead; Bloggers 2-14 with RISP

The fans continued to let the Mets down last night as the fans were unable to hold onto an early 4-1 lead. Jose Overreyes (now batting .260) had a chance to blow the game open early, but fear of being blogged about led him to make the third out.

Even Willie Randolph agreed that cranky bloggers need to do better than 2 for 14 with runners in scoring position:

“Way too many missed opportunities. You set yourself up for a fall when you get that many opportunities early and don’t take advantage of it. It’s no secret. We’ve got to start swinging the bats better.”

Owner Fred Wilpon was not displeased because the Mets loss did result in yet another victory for Jackie Robinson’s Brooklyn Dodgers.

In other game notes, hideously ugly black jerseys were worn for the third straight game, and manager of the future Lee Mazzilli was in no way responsible for the loss.

Today’s matinee looks promising since one of the following words will appear in the boxscore: Santana, Maine, rain.