The Apple isn’t coming to Citi Field

More Apple distraction. They are getting us mentally ready for a new Apple. We want this Apple. Note the wag-the-dog in this article from Like the Apple is going to dissolve if someone sticks it on a flat-bed truck. Can someone come up with a picture of the Apple being used at Ebbett’s field? Maybe that will work. Also interesting is that’s it’s OK if someone buries a Yankees jersey.

NEW YORK — Citi Field may have a something-less-than-new component.

The Mets’ new home next season may have a piece of their current home — the Apple. No matter what, a home run apple will be installed just beyond the outfield wall — as it is at Shea Stadium — but this one will be left of center. And according to Mets COO Jeff Wilpon, it hasn’t yet been determined whether the old one can handle the move or whether a replacement will be necessary.

Ah, apple turnover.

Wilpon said the Mets haven’t guarded against some unscrupulous soul placing a piece of opponents’ paraphernalia at Citi Field as someone supposedly did with the new Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees, knowing precisely where to dig, removed a David Ortiz T-shirt from under a block of cement at their construction site in April.

“And as soon as they did, what happened?” Wilpon said. “Ortiz started hitting, right? He’d been in a slump, and then boom, as soon as they dug it up.

“We’ll just let it stay there.”