Uniform Numbers – Real and Rented Part 3

Continuing our series of what players are (or should be) associated with each number. (Inspired by the Shea game countdown on the outfield fence). So far we’ve covered numbers 1 through 10. With thanks again to Mets By The Numbers, here now are 11 through 15:

Rightful Owner(s): Wayne Garret & Tim Tuefel
Rent-A-Met: None

Comment: Yes Tuefel was a Twin first, but he became a Met and has managed and coached in the system for several years now.

Rightful Owner(s): John Stearns & Ron Darling
Rent-A-Met: Willie Randolph

Comment: Randolph was and always will be a Yankee. Stearns was robbed of an opportunity to manage this team.

Rightful Owner(s): Edgardo Alfonzo
Rent-A-Met: Billy Wagner

Comment: Fonzie was perhaps the one true Met on the 1999-2000 playoff teams.

Rightful Owner(s): Gil Hodges
Rent-A-Met: None

Comment: Gil was a Dodger first, but will always be remembered as a Met as well. You know the Mets will trot out his widow Joan to take down the Game #14 sign.

Rightful Owner(s): Jerry Grote
Rent-A-Met: Carlos Beltran

Comment: When he’s not rustling cattle, Grote was a helluva defensive catcher. Beltran on the other hand has many years to go before being considered a Met.