Oh Joy, Another Special One Of A Kind Subway Series

Gather around children and I will tell you about a time when the World Series was extra special, because it was the only time that teams from each league could ever play each other. Sometimes it was magical when the two teams were from the same city. This event – called a Subway Series – could sometimes be a once in a lifetime experience. Imagine that – a once in a lifetime experience!

But then the Lords of Baseball led by their Owner-Commisioner realized that they weren’t making quite enough money on regular season games. Sure they could raise ticket prices (and they did) but what else could they do. Well, considering that tradition meant nothing to them they decided to throw away the specialness of the World Series. Never again would a Subway Series be extra special – now we woudl be lucky enought to have it TWICE each year. And of course the owners realize how lucky we are by charging more for these tickets than other games.

But wait, there’s more. In addition to not one, but two Subway Series ach year, we the fans also get exciting games like Kansas City at Florida, or Oakland at Atlanta. You know the tickets are surely flying for those games.